Green Plains Ethanol Plant

Industrial ethanol, produced at the plant just outside of York, has been donated for the production of hand sanitizer, according to Green Plains executives.

YORK – Green Plains, the company that owns the ethanol plant outside York, has announced it has donated industrial ethanol for the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS) for use in the production of hand sanitizer.

“It has never been more imperative for Green Plains employees to help support local communities and do our part in mitigating the spread of COVID-19,” said Todd Becker, president and chief executive officer of Green Plains Inc. “With a severe shortage of hand sanitizer, donating our industrial ethanol to the state of Nebraska was the least we could do in this challenging environment.”

The donated product is made at Green Plains’ York facility, which currently produces 50 million gallons of 200-proof industrial ethanol for use in global markets each year. With the increased need for hand sanitizer, the company is now focusing its efforts to help communities in Nebraska and across the country where there are shortages of this product.

Once the hand sanitizer is produced at NDCS, it will be given to high priority facilities impacted by the coronavirus.

Governor Pete Ricketts, during his daily press conference on Monday, said “This is Agriculture Week and typically I’d be traveling around the state, highlighting all our great producers and agriculture-related businesses and operations. That’s obviously not going to happen this year. But I still want to highlight what our agri-businesses are doing. Green Plains is one of our ethanol plants, one of the businesses in the state that is stepping up to offer their resources to help toward this effort.”

Becker, also at the Monday press conference held in Lincoln, said, “We are excited as a company about this. We are seeing less demand for fuel so we said to ourselves what else can we do? And tomorrow, we will be shipping the first of our industrial alcohol to be used for hand sanitizer. They are things we and our employees are proud to do.”

Becker also thanked Governor Ricketts for breaking down red tape at the federal level, which allowed them to move forward with a helping hand much more quickly.

The governor also made a point of highlighting that Green Plains is donating the industrial alcohol – the state will not be paying for it.

“Green Plains and other companies are great examples of how people in Nebraska step up and do the right thing and work together and get through it together,” Governor Ricketts added.

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