York County Transportation

YORK – The next formality in the process toward a project that might result in the construction of a garage to house the county’s public transportation vehicles will be a public hearing in order to gather input.

Right now, there is no enclosed building where the county’s public transportation buses and vans can be housed. Federal and state dollars might become available toward that type of construction in the future – but there is certain protocol that has to be followed.

There are five vehicles to be housed and it is being proposed that it be constructed near the county’s aging services office (as that department runs the public transportation services).

The price tag is not yet known – that will be determined at a later date, if the project continues to move forward. However, early estimates are that it could run in the area of $200,000.

The next step will be to ask for public input – which has to be done because it would utilize federal funds and all federal projects require such hearings. The county board has set Sept. 10 as the meeting during which that public input session will be held.

After that is completed, the county will request proposals from builders and a selection committee will be formed to bring forward a recommendation to the county commissioners.

Lori Byers, aging services director, explained the process to the commissioners this week, when they met in regular session.

A few years ago, the vehicles were housed in the mercantile building on the fairgrounds, but that arrangement ended when improvements were made to that building. They have since been stored in the open-sided animal barn at the fairgrounds and sometimes outside.

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