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YORK – The county commissioners will consider signing an interlocal agreement for housing of inmates between this county and Merrick County when they convene Tuesday in regular session.

The county already has an interlocal agreement with Seward County which outlines a specific amount to be paid per day, per inmate, when a York County prisoner has to be housed there. The fee typically charged by outside entities is $90 a day (per inmate) – that amount has to be paid by the county holding custody to the county temporarily housing them. The agreement with Seward County is $65 a day, per inmate.

The issue of having to house county inmates elsewhere occurs when the county’s jail is at capacity, or there is a conflict with housing an inmate here. Typically, the need for housing an inmate elsewhere is because there is simply no more room available.

The York County Jail has a capacity of housing about 30 inmates – total. However, sometimes the number of female prisoners over-exceeds the space allowed for women, and vice-versa, so some inmates have to be housed elsewhere.

By having an interlocal agreement with an outside agency, the county stands to save some money because the interlocals are typically at a reduced price.

It is anticipated that a negotiated price will be on the table, regarding the Merrick/York County agreement.

It should be noted that these agreements for housing pertain to low-risk inmates. They are not for inmates that need to be housed elsewhere due to mental issues or overly violent tendencies – those inmates are often transferred to the Nebraska Department of Corrections.

Also on Tuesday’s agenda:

• The county board will consider awarding a contract for IT services at the courthouse.

• Pledged securities will be considered.

• A state bid for a purchasing a motor grader for the roads department will be considered.

• The commissioners are scheduled to hear a presentation from Michelle Kohlhof with US Cellular.

• The commissioners will discuss the construction at the courthouse regarding the addition and renovation.

The commissioners continue to meet in the county courtroom, until the renovations are completed that will result in their new meeting area on the main floor of the courthouse.

The meeting will start at 8:30 a.m., and members of the public are encouraged to attend.

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