York Ballpark Complex

York Ballpark Complex

YORK – A lawsuit has been filed against the City of York by a contractor who is seeking more than $40,000 for work done at the ballfield complex in York.

Nemaha Landscape and Construction Inc., which is located in Lincoln, has filed a complaint with the York County District Court which says the company allegedly entered into a contract with the city, performed its work and the defendant failed to pay.

“Failure and refusal to pay constitutes a breach of contract,” the complaint says, further alleging, “Nemaha provided certain labor, materials, services and equipment beyond the original scope of agreement for which has not been paid.”

They are asking to be awarded $42,152.06.

York City Attorney Charles Campbell told the York News-Times “the suit doesn’t specify what the claim is for, but it is our understanding that they are suing for repair of the concrete in the dugouts.

“It’s the City’s position that it isn’t responsible for the concrete repair and that it has paid Nemaha what it was entitled to receive under the contract,” Campbell said further.

When the ballfield complex was created, Nemaha was the general contractor for the large, multi-million dollar project.

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