YORK — Carefully-decorated tables and refreshments greeted special guests at Kilgore Memorial Library’s Grandparent Tea.

The tea – part of Learning Time at the Library – was especially for little kids and their grandparents. Carefully table-scaped, the setup included flower arrangements, mini cupcakes and cookies, tea (of course) and juice, kid-friendly activities and good company.

Sutton, Neb. author Cynthia Fintel read her books “Mr. Ivan’s Farm” and “Miss Loxie’s Dresses” as attendees cuddled and munched on refreshments.

In “Mr. Ivan’s Farm,” Mr. Ivan’s granddaughter tells about the farm through the seasons. “Miss Loxie’s Dresses” is told by a little girl, who shows off her dresses – and talks about the ones she’d like someday.

The brainchild of the event was Fintel, as she has read at mother-daughter teas. Kilgore staff put their own spin on the event.

Little did they know how successful the event would be.

A total of 22 kids and 24 adults attended the special event. Kilgore Memorial Library Educational Outreach Coordinator Carol Baker said she and her coworkers were taken by surprise. “We all of the sudden panicked and said, ‘This is going to be bigger than we thought,’” Baker said.

Fintel was surprised, too, Baker said. “She was not expecting the crowd.”

Fortunately, library staff had just enough time to gather more goodies and other supplies. “It was really nice that I had the rest of the library staff helping,” Baker said. “They had so many good ideas.”

The community pitched in, too. The floral centerpieces were donated, and the cookies were expertly decorated by a local business. A local second-grader let the library display his tractor collection in the hallway, greeting the kids as they made their way to the tea party.

Baker said the first-ever Grandparents Tea was a success, and this likely won’t be the last tea party at the library. “We hope to do more,” she said.

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