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YORK – A case against an Illinois man accused of transporting 500 packages of THC wax and shatter has resulted in jail time.

Lucas Nutter was sentenced this week in York County District Court.

He was initially charged with delivery of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance and having no drug tax stamp. All three counts were felonies. Those were later reduced to possession of a controlled substance, a Class 3 misdemeanor, and attempted no drug tax stamp, a Class 1 misdemeanor, as part of a plea agreement.

According to the affidavit filed with the court, a deputy with the York County Sheriff’s Department was on regular duty on Interstate 80 when he said he saw a Cadillac with obstructed license plates. He also noted in his affidavit that the vehicle was traveling too close to a semi.

A traffic stop was initiated.

The deputy says in his affidavit that the driver was identified as Nutter. There was also a passenger.

“Both were shaking, (the passenger) was trying to steady his hand and was so nervous he was stuttering and had difficulty putting sentences together,” the deputy said in his report. “He had difficulty relaying where they were coming from, first stating Nebraska and then Colorado. Due to multiple indicators of criminal activity, I asked for consent to search the vehicle.”

Consent was denied.

Loki, the county’s drug dog, was deployed and the dog alerted to illegal substances in the area of the trunk.

A subsequent probable cause search was conducted and deputies located a container with six pounds of THC wax and shatter in over 500 separate packages and containers. They also found 177 grams of high grade marijuana.

Nutter was sentenced to 30 days in jail on each count, to be served concurrently. He was given credit for one day already served.

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