YORK – Damien C. Todd, 27, of York, was given probation in late December, 2016, in a case where he was convicted of strangulation.

This week, he was in York County District Court on allegations that he violated the terms and that probation should be revoked.

The case started in April, 2016, when the York Police Department responded to a domestic dispute. Court documents say that when officers arrived, they found a “very upset” woman who told them Todd had “bitten her on the forehead,” before choking her.

“She was able to get away and then he pushed her onto the couch,” former York County Attorney Candace Bottorf said during factual basis proceedings in 2016. “He then started choking her again, they rolled onto the floor as he continued to choke her for about what she thought was 30 seconds. Then she blacked out for an unknown amount of time.”

Officers said Todd fled the scene and was gone from the residence when the woman regained consciousness. They said Todd was located a short distance away and he was arrested.

At the time of sentencing, the former county attorney said Todd was on probation when the strangulation occurred.

This week, Judge James Stecker told Todd that it is alleged he violated his probation by breaking the law.

Todd’s attorney, York County Public Defender David Michel told the court that the underlying complaint that prompted the motion for revocation was being amended – to negligent child abuse –

“and we are negotiating a plea agreement in (the new) case. We are asking that we set back these proceedings” so the child abuse case can proceed first.

A hearing was set in the matter for March 11.

Todd denied violating his probation. If his probation is revoked, he could be facing a possible maximum sentence of three years in prison, a $10,000 fine and 9-18 months of post-release supervision.

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