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YORK – Joseph P. Borst, 36, of Rochester, N.Y., has been sentenced to two terms of jail for two counts of first degree forgery.

In April, he was charged with four counts of first degree forgery which were later amended to two.

He was cited while being incarcerated for unrelated charges at the Buffalo County Jail.

York County Attorney Christopher Johnson said this week, during the factual basis proceedings, that ‘this was a cross-country trip in which Mr. Borst and his co-defendant passed counterfeit money. He was caught in Buffalo County and there he got 198 days in jail with nine months of post-release supervision. On this case, he has had no days in jail and our country jail is currently full to the brim. So he should either go to the department of corrections or receive a fine.

“We have two victims in York – each having a value of loss of $100,” Johnson said further. “It appears the state is left with one option, incarceration with the department of corrections.”

“He got a divorce last year and was laid off during the winter months,” said Patrick Tarr, deputy York County attorney and Borst’s lawyer. “With everything going on, he turned the wrong direction and became associated with people doing drugs. Then he used meth, he met the co-defendant and he wasn’t feeling he had much hope at that time. He admits to taking part in this, he accepts responsibility for his actions. In some ways, this has been a blessing because he’s gotten off the drugs and is now seeing what’s important. He has also expressed a desire for treatment. He’s had several months now to get sober and address this issue head on.”

Tarr said his client was willing to pay restitution to both victims in York, which all totaled came to $200.

“You are not fit for probation and you have had a couple of different cases in Buffalo and Hall Counties, and you have a pending warrant in Minnesota,” Judge James Stecker said to Borst. “In consideration of it all, you are sentenced to 60 days on each county and they will be served consecutive to each other and all other sentences you are serving. You must pay restitution, as well as court costs.”

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