A new baby was born in Henderson this week . . . and the only way for family members to see the little bundle of joy, shortly after being born, was to stand outside the window of the medical facility. With restrictions regarding visitors to hospitals at this time, the family made visitation safely work from outside the confines of the building.

YORK COUNTY – Medical institutions in York County, including those in Henderson and York, continue to implement all CDC guidelines and official government recommendations regarding the COVID-19 situation.

All hospitals at this time are restricting visitors and there are no visitors being allowed into assisted living and long-term care facilities for the elderly.

Social distancing is required in all those institutions and of course, there is a lot of cleaning, sanitizing and implementing hygiene processes.

Travel is being discouraged for all healthcare workers in these establishments, at this time.

And body temperatures of workers are to be taken daily, according to health officials.

There are no lab-verified cases of the virus in York County at this time. Local health workers and officials continue to prepare for when that day might arrive.

Meanwhile, there are definite precautions in place to stop the spread . . . and keep it out of the local hospitals and residential care locations.

This week, Laura McDougall from the Four Corners Health Department announced that state money was allocated to health districts to be distributed among health care facilities for the purchase of personal protective equipment for doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers. McDougall said they will be working with local medical institutions to determine what needs have to be met and where.

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