LINCOLN — Nebraska Farmers Union Foundation has announced they sent the “Pork Cares” project sponsored by the Nebraska Pork Producers Association a $1,000 donation.

The “Pork Cares” program makes it possible for Nebraska pig farmers to donate their pigs to Nebraska food banks. The donated pigs are processed by the Loeffel Meat Laboratory at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln on East Campus. The USDA inspected Laboratory has opened up to process and package 12 donated pigs a week to help meet the growing demand for food banks and food pantries. Nebraska food banks are helping get needed and appreciated pork into the hands of those in need.

The NeFU Foundation donation will be used to help cover the costs for transportation and processing of the donated pork to the food banks and pantries.

“The ‘Pork Cares’ program accomplishes a double benefit. First, it reduces the number of pigs that farmers might otherwise be forced to euthanize because of the decrease in meat processing capacity caused by COVID-19 outbreaks at meat processing plants. Second, it allows those pigs to be donated and processed for food banks that serve people in need across our state. This program turns two bad outcomes into two good outcomes. Hogs are not wasted, and hungry people get fed. We thank the Nebraska Pork Producers Association and all their pig producers as well as the University of Nebraska and the Loeffel Meat Laboratory and its staff for making this innovative and positive program possible,” said John Hansen, NeFU Foundation Secretary.

If you would like to donate, go to their website at: . Or, you can make your check payable to NPPA - Pork Cares and mail it to: Nebraska Pork Producers Association; 4435 O St, Suite 200; Lincoln, NE 68510.

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