Neb. Gov. Pete Ricketts

Neb. Gov. Pete Ricketts 

YORK – The new Directed Health Measures (DHMs) for the month of June have been announced by Governor Pete Ricketts.

The DHM says that gatherings will be limited to the “greater of 25 people (excluding staff) or 25 percent of rated occupancy (not to exceed) 3,000 for gatherings held at: indoor or outdoor arenas, indoor or outdoor auctions, stadiums, tracks, fairgrounds, festivals, swimming pools, or any other confined indoor or outdoor space. Groups can be no larger than six people and six feet of separation between groups must be maintained.”

When it comes to wedding and funeral reception venues, the DHM says, “will be limited to the greater of 25 people or 50 percent of rated occupancy. There must be six feet of separation between seating of different parties. Maximum of six individuals in a party (groups larger than six will need to split into multiple tables). Self-serve buffets and salad bars are prohibited. Venue staff must serve food directly to all individuals. No dances or other social events that require guests to gather outside of their respective tables are permitted.

Bars can now open. “Patrons will be required to be seated while on premise unless they are placing an order or using the restroom. It is limited to 50 percent of rated occupancy maximum at one time. Six feet of separation must be maintained between seating of different parties. There is a maximum of six people in a party – larger groups will have to split into multiple tables. Food may not be consumed at bar seating. Games such as pool, darts, arcade games, etc., are prohibited. Restaurants’ regulations are the same as those for bars, as far as 50 percent of rated occupancy and six feet of separation.

Parades, carnivals, midways, dances and street dances and beer gardens are prohibited through June 30. Parades where patrons remain in their vehicles and the public does not line the streets are permitted.

Dance recitals are permitted but must follow the gathering requirements.

“Plans for reopening must be submitted to the local health departments and approved for all indoor and outdoor locations/venues that hold 500 or more individuals before reopening is permitted. The reopening plan must contained planned number of guests, how the location will meet social distancing guidelines and sanitation guidelines.

For salons, the number will be limited to the greater of 25 people or 50 percent of rated occupancy. Chairs and stations must remain six feet apart. Both workers and patrons must wear masks – however, if someone is receiving a facial, as an example, they can remove their mask while that service is being provided.

Daycare regulations remain at not more than 15 children per room/space.

For gyms and fitness centers, the number of people is limited to 25 people (excluding staff) or 50 percent of rated occupancy. Six feet of distance between people must be maintained.

The travel quarantine now requires that all people returning from international travel only will be required to quarantine upon returning to Nebraska for 14 days. The restriction will not apply to individuals traveling in connection with military service or in connection with employment at a health care facility.

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