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YORK – It’s been a few years since vending machines have been found in the York County Courthouse.

And that likely won’t change anytime soon as the county commissioners voted to not allow a company to place such machines in the halls.

The request was made recently by the vending machine company and the county board members tabled the matter so they could discuss it with department heads.

“We contacted some offices in the courthouse and were told that a few years ago there were vending machines in the courthouse but the situation actually became disruptive,” said Commissioner Bill Bamesberger. “The machines disrupted business because people would go to offices to get correct change or ask for change back and that type of thing. It just was more of a hassle. So after talking with offices and seeing why the vending machines were removed in the first place, we are recommending not allowing any vending services in the courthouse.”

The other commissioners agreed.

“And I also think we need to clean up the entryways of the courthouse,” said Commissioner Kurt Bulgrin. “CASA needs to move their stuff they have sitting around in the main entry. It was fine when that was sitting there for awareness during a specific month or a specific week, but when it’s left out there for more than a year, month after month, it loses its impact and then just becomes clutter.”

He was referring to cardboard figures that CASA has placed in different locations throughout the courthouse.

Also during this week’s meeting of the York County Commissioners:

• Vendor claims were paid and the commissioners noted the amount paid for court-appointed counsel was higher than normal.

• A $10,000 transfer was required, from the inheritance fund into the ambulance fund, as a deficit was created when the county was over-billed. It was explained that the City of York billed the county twice for the same month – the bill was paid twice for that month before county officials realized the error.

• Transfers were made according to what had already been budgeted for several departments.

• Leila Luft, director of the county/city emergency communications center, said outreach programs will begin soon. She said one will be done to increase the number of York County residents that benefit from automatic emergency notifications (just by signing up). She also said the other outreach program will be the 911 program they conduct for kids in local elementary schools.

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