YORK – Angela S. Grady, 49, of York has pleaded not guilty to possession of a controlled substance (meth) and possession of a controlled substance (marijuana) with the intent to deliver in a case starting with stolen doughnuts and ending with a search warrant and alleged drug discovery.

This case began right before Christmas, 2019, when a large amount of doughnuts were stolen from a locked holding area before they could be sold at a York grocery store.

Timothy Brungardt, 29, of York, was seen in surveillance video taking the doughnuts and a search warrant was issued for the residence where Brungardt was staying.

Also living there were David Burling, 51, and Grady.

When the warrant was issued at that residence, the doughnuts were found.

Investigators said they also found much more, including a glass pipe with burned methamphetamine residue, multiple syringes (some used, some still packaged), a digital scale, a baggie with marijuana, a glass jar containing 69 grams of marijuana, more syringes and pipes with methamphetamine residue.

Grady pleaded not guilty to both felonies and a jury trial was set for late June.

Also this week, Burling appeared for arraignment on possession of meth and possession of marijuana with intent to deliver.

The prosecution was also seeking habitual criminal status for Burling because of his prior criminal convictions. Court documents indicate those convictions include: June, 1998, possession of a controlled substance in Kearney County, 1-3 years; August, 1999, possession of a controlled substance in Adams County, 1-3 years; May, 2000, possession of a controlled substance with the intent to deliver in Adams County, 18 months to two years; October, 2009, possession of a controlled substance with the intent to deliver in Adams County, 20 months to three years; and February, 2018, possession of a controlled substance in Adams County, two years. If convicted and sentenced to incarceration on the first two counts, classification as a habitual criminal could add on another 10-60 years in prison.

Burling’s attorney, Kevin Schlender, said this week that they had reached a plea agreement in the matter, but it had not yet been reduced to writing.

There were indications during the court hearing that the agreement would result in the remaining charge being a Class 4 felony and the habitual criminal allegation would be dropped.

The matter was continued for two weeks so the agreement can be worked out and made official.

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