Henderson, Nebraska

YORK – Mark Pollet has filed to run for the position of Henderson’s mayor, according to the York County Clerk’s office.

So far, there is one other candidate in the Henderson mayoral race, current mayor Mike Yoder.

And also filing for a Henderson race, Corbin Tessman has filed to run for reelection to the Henderson City Council. So far, he is the only candidate.

Candidates seeking positions that are in line with the Primary Election have nearing deadlines to file their intentions. Incumbents must file by Feb. 18 and non-incumbents must file by March 2.

There are a number of local races that carry Primary Election filing deadlines, but whether they appear on the May ballot depends on how many candidates there are – for those races to be included on the May ballot, the number of candidates must be more than double the available seats. If that is not achieved before the Primary Election, the races automatically move on to the General Election in November.

Those races include:

• For York City Council. So far there are five candidates: Jerry Wilkinson, Steve Postier, Jeffrey McGregor, Matt Wagner and Diane Wolfe.

• For York School Board. So far, Amie Kopcho and Matt Holthe have filed.

• For York Mayor. So far, there are two candidates: Barry Redfern and Ron Mogul.

• For McCool School Board. So far, there are three candidates: Steve Gerken, Michele Schwartz and Doug Smith. Smith filed his candidacy on Thursday.

• For Heartland School Board. So far, there is one candidate: Gary Braun.

When it comes to the county commissioner races (there are two this year, in Districts 2 and 5), these are partisan in nature and will be included on the Primary ballot regardless of the number of candidates. District 2 Commissioner Kurt Bulgrin and District 5 Commissioner Jack Sikes have filed to run again. So far, they are unopposed.

Village board candidacies do not have to be filed until summer deadlines, as those races automatically go to the General Election. However, candidates can still file now if they choose to do so. And there have been filings for those races. Running for Gresham Village Board are Colton Luettel, Danny Foster, Joy Menke and Kimberly Sheehan. Running for Waco Village Board are Todd Bauder and Carl Gordon.

People interested in filing candidacies for local races may do so with the York County Clerk’s office, which is located on the main floor of the York County Courthouse.

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