The following questions were asked recently on the Wonderline:

Q: How many Nebraska basketball players will go on to play professional basketball next year? What are their names and what teams are they going to?

A: Steve Marik from the York News-Times sports team says:

“Two players off last year’s Nebraska men’s basketball team – Isaiah Roby and James Palmer, Jr. – will likely have NBA contracts for the upcoming 2019-2020 season.

“Roby, a 6-foot-9 forward, was selected in the second round (No. 45 overall) of the 2019 NBA Draft last June by the Dallas Mavericks. As of Monday, July 29, Roby has not been signed by Dallas, but there is still plenty of time for the Mavericks to sign the rookie. And even if Dallas decides not to offer Roby a contract, another NBA team likely will.

“Palmer, a 6-6 guard who went undrafted, enjoyed a strong summer league performance for the Phoenix Suns, but was not offered a contract by Phoenix. However, other organizations noticed Palmer’s play during summer league, and he was offered an Exhibit 10 deal by the Los Angeles Clippers, which he’s expected to sign.

“An Exhibit 10 deal is a one-year contract with a team that includes a bonus of up to $50,000 and a guaranteed invite to the Clippers’ training camp. This deal gives Palmer an incentive to stay in the states and likely play for the Clippers’ G-League team, the Agua Caliente Clippers, or make the Clippers’ NBA roster instead of going overseas to play professionally.

“If a player on an Exhibit 10 contract is waived before the regular season begins, that player can join the club’s G-League affiliate and must remain there for 60 days in order to earn his bonus. Exhibit 10 contracts can also be converted to two-way contracts.

“Each NBA team is allowed up to six Exhibit 10 contracts, and two players with two-way contracts. An Exhibit 10 contract can also be converted into a two-way deal and later into a standard NBA contract.”

Q: It just seems like there have been more than the normal number of fatality accidents in the state these last few months. Can you tell me if that is a fact?

A: The numbers for July are not yet available, because there are still days left in the month.

But the Nebraska Department of Transportation has released the fatality statistics for the month of June.

Twenty-three people were killed in traffic crashes in the state in June.

These 23 fatalities occurred in 19 crashes.

Six of the 20 vehicle occupants killed were not wearing safety belts.

There was one fatality on the interstate, 11 fatalities on other highways and 11 on local roads.

Eighteen of the fatalities were in rural locations.

Four of the fatalities were motorcyclists.

Two of the fatalities were pedestrians.

The number of people killed in traffic crashes in the state in June of 2018 was 12.

This year, so far, from January through June, there have been 109 fatalities in Nebraska. During that same time period, here are the numbers of fatalities in different years: 2018, 102; 2017, 101; 2016, 101; and 2015, 112.

Q: In the early days of Nebraska, with the one-room schoolhouses, did they have the same school year (months that classes were in session) as we have now?

A: According to numerous sources, before 1900, rural one-room schools had two terms of classes – the summer term from May until August and the winter term from November through April.

It wasn’t until after 1900 that 9-month school terms started – from September through May. When that happened, many of the older boys who were needed in the fields only attended during the winter term.

Q: What are the requirements for the public works director for the City of York, as they are now hiring?

A: According to the information put out there by the city, in seeking applicants, the requirements are listed as follows: “minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from an accredited college, and licensed as a Professional Engineer (PE) and able to get licensed in Nebraska within one year of hire. Must be a licensed Street Superintendent in the State of Nebraska or have the ability to attain this license within twelve (12) months. Must possess and maintain a valid driver’s license.”

Also, experience listed as being desirable for a candidate: “Experience with GIS, GPS, CAD, etc. and/or related software. Previous work in planning and zoning, flood plain management, building codes, public utility systems.”

Q: I think it was last year when there was a story in the paper about the first soldier from York County to die in World War I. I didn’t keep the story so now I’m trying to remember who that man was. Can you tell us his name again and where he was from?

A: The story ran in the Veterans Day section of the York News-Times last November.

The first soldier from York County to die in World War I was Harry Wallace Fassnacht. He was 26, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fassnacht, who lived five miles southwest of McCool Junction in the Hays Township. He was killed on June 16, 1918, in France.

A plaque still hangs in the York City Auditorium, noting his service.

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