Personal Touch salon

Personal Touch salon has been busy since directed health measures have been eased – but employees are careful to maintain social distancing and occupancy limits.

YORK -- Following the easing of directed health measures, hair salons and barber shops are back to business – with a few alterations.

Particulars like shampooing, waiting areas and stylebooks are synonymous with heading for a haircut, but it’s the little things like these that make up the biggest changes. Some salons are getting around the shampooing issue by having clients hold the mask to their face to keep the earpieces out of the way. Waiting areas follow social distancing, customers chatting from six feet apart. Gone are stylebooks and magazines, which could harbor germs.

Personal Touch salon in York is paying close attention to the many guidelines set up for reopening. Clients buzzed in and out, each time staff members doing a head count. Everyone had their masks on – customers who didn’t arrive with masks were able to use disposable masks provided by Personal Touch. The door was wiped down with sanitizer periodically and staff frequented the reception desk’s hand sanitizer.

“The masks and keeping under ten people are the biggest changes,” said Sheri Price, owner of Personal Touch.

Personal Touch’s staff was glad to return to full operation, Price said. “I was excited to get back to work; we really missed our clients,” Price said. Even so, the customers filing in and out, lamenting the date of their last haircut, clearly missed the salon’s services, too. Price said she and the staff at Personal Touch now realize how important their vocation is to their community. “We found out we’re essential workers,” Price said, smiling from behind her mask.

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