• Monday, Jan. 13: Scalloped potatoes with ham, broccoli, corn

• Tuesday, Jan. 14: Taco salad, refried beans, Spanish rice

• Wednesday, Jan. 15: Pork roast or roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, creamy green beans

• Thursday, Jan. 16: Cowboy beans, corn

• Friday, Jan. 17: Hot dogs, celery sticks, creamy peas

* Milk served daily. A fruit and vegetable bar is available every day. Alternative of chef salad offered daily.

Cross County

• Monday, Jan. 13: Rib patty on a bun, smiley potatoes, baked beans, fruit

• Tuesday, Jan. 14: Beef and noodles, mashed potatoes, corn, dinner roll, fruit

• Wednesday, Jan. 15: Shredded pork on a bun, French fries, carrots, fruit

• Thursday, Jan. 16: Chicken noodle soup, peas, maxsticks, fruit

• Friday, Jan. 17: Walking tacos, fresh vegetables, rice, fruit

Emmanuel-Faith Lutheran

• Monday, Jan. 13: Chicken alfredo

• Tuesday, Jan. 14: Italian dunkers

• Wednesday, Jan. 15: Pork enchiladas

• Thursday, Jan. 16: Teriyaki chicken

• Friday, Jan. 17: Pizza

* Salad bar available daily.


• Monday, Jan. 13: Chicken strips, potato, vegetable, fruit, muffin

• Tuesday, Jan. 14: Turkey/bacon/cheese flatbread sandwich, potato, vegetable, fruit

• Wednesday, Jan. 15: Beef and noodles, cinnamon rolls, cheesy green beans, fruit

• Thursday, Jan. 16: Chicken fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, vegetables, fruit, dinner roll

• Friday, Jan. 17: Homemade hamburger/pepperoni or chicken/bacon/ranch pizza, vegetable, fruit, bar

* Choice of main entrée or turkey deli sandwich for 7-12; all K-12 lunches include daily salad bar

Fillmore Central

• Monday, Jan. 13: Walking taco, lettuce, salsa, sour cream

• Tuesday, Jan. 14: Goulash, garlic bread, mixed vegetables, peaches

• Wednesday, Jan. 15: Peanut butter and jelly sandwich for elementary school, philly steak sandwich for middle school and high school, potatoes, carrots, mixed fruit

• Thursday, Jan. 16: Chili, cinnamon rolls

• Friday, Jan. 17: Hot dog, potatoes, baked beans, pineapple

* Salad bar is served at the high school and middle school every day.


• Monday, Jan. 13: Tacos, long johns, steamed corn

• Tuesday, Jan. 14: Pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes and gravy, dinner roll

• Wednesday, Jan. 15: French toast sticks, eggs, sausage patties, juice, tri-taters

• Thursday, Jan. 16: Chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes and gravy, French bread

• Friday, Jan. 17: Sloppy joes, French fries, slushies

* Milk and fruit/veggie bar served daily.

McCool Jct.

• Monday, Jan. 13: Barbecued pork on a bun, baked beans, fruit

• Tuesday, Jan. 14: Ham and cheesy potatoes, green beans, fruit, bread

• Wednesday, Jan. 15: Corndog on a stick, mini corndogs for K-5, carrots, cookies, fruit

• Thursday, Jan. 16: Taco salads, corn, fruit

• Friday, Jan. 17: Chicken and rice casserole, peas, fruit, bread

* Salad bar available each day

Nebraska Lutheran

Lunch menu

• Monday, Jan. 13: Spaghetti, bread, broccoli, fruit

• Tuesday, Jan. 14: Roast beef, pumpkin soup, rolls, baked beans, fruit

• Wednesday, Jan. 15: Spy Thai Beef, tortilla chips, corn, fruit

• Thursday, Jan. 16: Chicken enchilada pasta, bread, green beans, fruit

• Friday, Jan. 17: Salisbury steak, bread, mashed potatoes and gravy, fruit

Supper menu

• Monday, Jan. 13: Vegetable soup, chicken patty, fruit, oatmeal cookies

• Tuesday, Jan. 14: Polish sausage, corn casserole, fruit

• Wednesday, Jan. 15: Breakfast wrap, fruit, cherry delight

• Thursday, Jan. 16: Three-cheese helper, green beans, fruit, vanilla pudding

• Friday, Jan. 17: Cook’s choice

* Salad bar is served with all lunches and suppers. Milk and bread are served with all meals.

St. Joseph’s Catholic

• Monday, Jan. 13: Chili, cinnamon rolls

• Tuesday, Jan. 14: Beef nachos, corn

• Wednesday, Jan. 15: Chicken casserole

• Thursday, Jan. 16: Beef goulash, green beans

• Friday, Jan. 17: Broccoli cheese soup, bread sticks

* Students in grades 1-8 have choices daily of the entrée, yogurt and a side, or chef salad. Fruits and vegetables are offered daily. White, chocolate and strawberry milk are offered daily.

St. Paul Lutheran

• Monday, Jan. 13: Hot ham and cheese sandwiches

• Tuesday, Jan. 14: Pasta buffet

• Wednesday, Jan. 15: Pork roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls

• Thursday, Jan. 16: Chili, cheese twists

• Friday, Jan. 17: Chicken nuggets, rolls

* Fruit and vegetable bar, along with milk, served daily

York Elementary

• Monday, Jan. 13: Italian dunkers with marinara dipping sauce or baked breaded fish sandwich or pizza snackable, steamed carrots, homestyle pineapple coleslaw

• Tuesday, Jan. 14: Chili cheese fritos or ham/egg/cheese biscuit sandwich or fresh baked turkey and cheese sub, ranch potatoes, apple crisp

• Wednesday, Jan. 15: Pork fritter sandwich or taco salad with tortilla chips or lasagna, corn

• Thursday, Jan. 16: Beef fajitas or ham and cheese sub or chicken nuggets, calico beans, carnival cookies

• Friday, Jan. 17: Cuban hot dog or pepperoni pizza or pretzel snackable, broccoli

* Unlimited fruit/vegetable choices, milk offered daily.

York Middle School

• Monday, Jan. 13: Italian dunkers with marinara dipping sauce or oven-roasted hot dogs or baked breaded fish sandwich or roasted chicken and cheddar deli wrap, steamed carrots, pineapple coleslaw

• Tuesday, Jan. 14: Chili cheese fritos or pizza or ham and cheese sub, ranch potatoes, cinnamon sticks

• Wednesday, Jan. 15: Lasagna or pork fritter sandwich or ham/egg/cheese biscuit sandwich, fajita deli wrap, corn

• Thursday, Jan. 16: Chicken nuggets or pizza or roasted chicken sub, calico beans, carnival cookies

• Friday, Jan. 17: Chicken fried rice or barbecued rib sandwich or breaded beef patty sandwich or Asian salad with roasted flatbread, broccoli florets

* Unlimited fruits, vegetables, and milk offered daily. Other daily entrée choices include sandwich, pizza, wrap, salad and vegetarian selections

York High School

• Monday, Jan. 13: Italian dunkers with marinara dipping sauce or baked fish and cheese sandwich, carrots, pineapple coleslaw

•Tuesday, Jan. 14: Chili cheese fritos or ham/egg/cheese biscuit sandwich, ranch potatoes, fresh baked cinnamon stick

• Wednesday, Jan. 15: Lasagna with garlic bread stick or pork fritter sandwich, corn

• Thursday, Jan. 16: Chicken nuggets with dinner roll, calico beans, carnival cookies

• Friday, Jan. 17: Jacked stacked or teriyaki chicken sandwich, broccoli

* Unlimited fruits, vegetables, and milk offered daily.

* Hot grill sandwich choices every day: Cheeseburger, hot dog, crispy chicken sandwich, spicy chicken sandwich; also sub station

* Pizza every day: Mondays, pepperoni or hamburger; Tuesdays, taco pizza available; Wednesdays, sausage or beef; Thursdays, barbecued chicken or breakfast pizza; Fridays, supreme or buffalo ranch

* Sub station available with choice of toppings

* Deli style wraps: Mondays, combo; Tuesday, fajita chicken; Wednesdays, turkey; Thursdays, ham; Fridays, grilled chicken

* Salad choices: Mondays, grilled chicken salad; Tuesdays, southwest salad; Wednesdays, chef salads; Thursdays, taco salad; Fridays, crispy chicken salad

* Vegetarian choices: Mondays and Wednesdays, vegetarian salad with breadsticks; Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, fruit, yogurt and cheese plates with graham cookies

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