YORK – “The end of the school year is now here,” said York Superintendent Mitch Bartholomew during an online community meeting this week. “In a lot of ways, March, April and May felt like it was a whole year in itself.”

Teachers are finishing up this week, he said, and the check-in process has been done, per building. Dr. Bartholomew said the Chromebooks that had been issued to students are in the school and will be sitting for a week before technicians go through the sanitization process.

“We are also putting together plans for opening the weight room, with pre- and post-processes that will have to be fulfilled by students,” he explained. “There will be guidelines that have to be followed. The coaches will have kids sign up for 10-person sessions and there will be a pre-screening process in place.”

He added that school officials are also “looking at some in-person summer school” options. He said they have a process in place to identify those students who need assistance and education through the summer. Bartholomew said school officials are still waiting for guidelines from the state, before determining how summer school would work.

“We are also in the very beginning stages of looking at scenarios for what the fall will look like,” Bartholomew added. “Will it be a full normal start? Will it be blended, or half-days? We just don’t know and it is really too early to tell because this is such a moving target at this point in time.”

It was also noted that summer meals for kids will continue through the month of June.

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