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YORK – Matthew Lickliter, 22, of York, was scheduled to be sentenced Monday in a case involving child abuse and assault on a pregnant woman, but the sentencing was continued so the defendant can be interviewed for the pre-sentence report.

According to court documents, the incident occurred in early December, 2018.

The reports submitted to the court by investigating officers from the York Police Department indicate that Lickliter hit a pregnant woman in the head, choked her while she was holding a 2-year-old child and pushed her. Investigators say the woman also had an older visible injury which they were told occurred when Lickliter dragged the woman down a hallway. They said in their report that she also had a bruise as a result of Lickliter kicking her.

Police officers also indicated in their report that when they made contact with Lickliter, who had left the scene before they arrived, that he had possession of the woman’s car keys and cell phone.

On Monday, Lickliter appeared in District Court with his attorney, York County Public Defender David Michel.

Michel told the court he filed a motion for continuance, as “there was a mix-up in the date for his pre-sentence interview and he missed it. He made efforts to reschedule, was unable to do so, and probation issued a PSI without his interview.”

“That’s their instructions for no-shows,” responded Judge James Stecker. “Don’t blame probation. I’m prepared to go forward with sentencing – if you want an interview, I will revoke his bond and he can be interviewed in jail.”

“He did miss his appointment date,” Michel said, while also acknowledging that his client had undergone mental health care and had also been involved in an accident since that initial interview date.

“The pre-sentence report indicates he missed the interview date, he received a letter with a different date, he called with a message to reschedule, they called back but couldn’t contact him,” the judge said, reviewing the PSI.

“He is currently scheduled for a pre-sentence interview on Oct. 1,” Michel said.

Sentencing was continued to Oct. 1 without objection from the prosecution.

“I won’t revoke your bond,” Judge Stecker said to Lickliter, “but you better not miss your meeting.”

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