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Jake Snodgrass dribbles down the court during a game of noon pick up ball at the York City Auditorium. York Parks & Rec oversees noon ball, along with plenty of other activities for grownups.

YORK – A survey is being made available to York area residents today (Saturday) regarding the status of the York city auditorium and its future.

The auditorium needs improvements and there have been discussions about whether the facility’s value (in usefulness and historical merit) equals the likely high expense.

There have been meetings regarding the future of the auditorium and now city officials (particularly Mayor Barry Redfern, Council member Christi Lones and Parks and Rec Director Cheree Folts) want to hear more from the public.

They have created a survey and will be present for community members to state their opinions.

They made the survey available Thursday at the farmers market/family night.

The survey will also be available before the grand parade today (Saturday, Sept. 7), in the downtown area, from 9-11 a.m. People will be able to fill them out there and hand them back in.

The following questions are asked on the survey:

Q: Is the auditorium an asset to the future of the City of York?

Q: If yes, what would you like to see the auditorium used for in the future:

a. Entertainment

b. Recreation

c. Offices

d. Other

Q: If you selected other, what are your ideas?

And if someone wants to fill out the survey but won’t physically be able to get a survey during Yorkfest, they can go to

Folts said, “the point of the survey is to get date for the future, to see what people want when it comes to the auditorium. Now’s the time for people to speak. This survey will help direct future conversations regarding the auditorium, moving forward. It will also give the committee direction in upcoming meetings.”

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