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YORK – James M. Brewster, 24, of Sutton has been formally charged with theft by unlawful taking with a value of more than $5,000.

According to court documents, he is accused of stealing a minimum of $15,000 to a possible maximum of $20,000 in cash from a York woman.

According to the affidavit in support of his arrest, the York Police Department received information that a woman from York had reported the theft to the sheriff’s department. Police officers went to the apartment where the woman lives and she told them she was missing $15,000 in cash and a $50 pre-paid phone card. She also said she had a suspect in mind – Brewster – because he had recently been in her apartment.

The woman told police that she was moving and she’d asked Brewster to help her pack her belongings. She said while they were doing so, he went into her bedroom “to look at her glass skulls” and when he later came out, he suddenly said he had to go home and left.

During the subsequent investigation, it was determined that Brewster was the only person with opportunity to take the cash during the timeframe presented by the alleged victim.

Meanwhile, Brewster had contact with the Sutton Police Department in an unrelated matter and during that conversation, he allegedly told them he stole money from a person in York. The Sutton officer said Brewster allegedly said, “he felt it was funny the York Police Department only thought he took $15,000 but he really took $20,000.”

The court documents indicate more from that alleged conversation with Sutton investigators, in which Brewster allegedly said he knew he had to dump the cash fast, so he purchased stereo equipment, “a fast car,” “took care of some business,” and “invested in some DABS” (concentrated THC) from a person in Georgia.

The legitimate purchases were substantiated.

The local investigators say further that the victim said later maybe more than the $15,000 could have been taken from her.

The case against Brewster has been bound over to District Court where arraignment proceedings are pending.

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