YORK — York Parks and Rec’s activity room bustled with activity – and creativity – February Wednesdays during “Tot Picasso.”

The hour-long session is broken up between creating art, snack time and burning off some energy in the Community Center gym. The third installment had the toddlers getting their hands messy making handprint roses.

Snack time was also fun time after handprint roses’ first step was complete. As a nod to Valentine’s Day’s Friday arrival, red cups were attached to the wall in the shape of a heart, the tops covered with red tissue paper. Hidden in the cups behind the paper were various snacks, like animal crackers and fish-shaped crackers. The tots busted through the paper of their choice to reveal their snack.

Playtime in the Community Center’s gym helped the kids burn off some steam before switching back to their artistic sides.

“We typically have a little snack, do one or two art projects and give them some time to run around and play with scooters in the gym,” said Michaela Stuhr, York Parks and Rec Recreation Coordinator. “This is a great program to give the kids some socialization time and the parents an hour to go run errands or whatever they need to do.”

The program was developed for kids ages 3-5, once a week in February. Pre-registration was required, as well as a $10 fee to cover supplies.

“This is something we do each year,” Stuhr said. “During the school year we do Tot Time and Tot Picasso. In the summer we do Tot Time and Little Movers and Shakers. They are all very similar except Little Movers and Shakers is more about movement and things vs. crafts.”

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