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YORK – The York County Sheriff’s Department continues to ask for the public’s help in finding two Hispanic men associated with an alleged armed robbery that took place last Friday in York County.

The situation was reported to the sheriff’s department at 4:45 p.m., on Friday.

Sheriff Vrbka explained, "A man from Osceola was at the McDonald's restaurant property at the York interchange on Friday afternoon when a Hispanic man tapped on the window of his vehicle.  The Osceola man thought that he was in need of help or something, so he rolled down his window and the Hispanic man pointed a gun at him.

“The man with the gun then got inside of the vehicle and told him to drive out to a rural area. Upon instruction, the victim drove out to the area of Road 11 and O, near the new wastewater treatment plant.  At that point, the alleged assailant told him to stop the vehicle,” Sheriff Vrbka explained further.

“Then a black pickup pulled up behind them which was driven by another Hispanic man.

"At that point," said Sheriff Vrbka, "the first Hispanic man took the victim's wallet and warned him, 'Don't do anything stupid,' and then he shot through the rear passenger window of the victim's vehicle.

“The bullet went also went through the rear driver's side window and we recovered a .45 caliber casing at the scene. The bullet was determined to have come from a semi-automatic handgun.”

The alleged shooter then jumped into the waiting older black Chevy Silverado pickup, which was said to have rust and Texas license plates.  The victim was unable to see the actual license plate number due to the dust brought on by the wind.”

Vrbka said the men were described as being in their 30s – one was wearing a black T-shirt and the other was wearing a white T-shirt.

Sheriff Vrbka said the victim (who wasn’t identified) “was badly shaken up, but not injured.”

York County Sheriff Investigator Alex Hildebrand said Monday morning that the investigation continues.

The men have not been located and no one has yet been arrested in this matter.

If anyone has information about this situation or the whereabouts of the men involved, they are asked to call the sheriff’s department at 402-362-4927. 

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