City Stock #3

YORK – The proposed water system master plan for the city will be presented to the city council this week by Craig Reinsch from Olsson Associates.

Last January, the council voted in favor of contracting with Olssons to have the master plan done.

The project cost was $44,725 -- $45,000 had already been budgeted for this purposed. The cost will ultimately be paid for with water system revenues. The study was included with the city’s state revolving fund loan for the Lincoln Avenue water main project. The city will receive 15 percent forgiveness with that loan, so the final cost of this plan will be 85 percent of the proposed amount, plus financing charges.

As explained by then-public works director, Mitch Doht, the plan will serve as the preliminary engineering report for state and federal funding. In order to access any federal or state dollars for future projects, the city’s master plan for the water system had to be updated.

The last time the plan was updated, the year was 2003.

“A new long-range plan is needed,” Doht told the council in January. “This is a critical planning document that will provide a road map for our water system for the next decade or longer.”

The plan includes details about future water demand, using a GIS system to create fire flow analysis and verify pressures in certain areas. It also looks at future water treatment, provides an analysis for funding availability and more.

Also on Thursday night’s agenda for the city council:

• They will consider a replat filed by Dana and Miranda Bell.

• Consideration will be given to again contracting with Almquist, Maltzan, Galloway and Luth to do the city’s 2018-19 audit.

• The council will discuss authorizing the mayor to sign the annual certification of program compliance to the Nebraska Board of Public Roads Classification and Standards. This is done each year.

• And they will discuss the issue of nuisance properties in the city where structures are dilapidated beyond repair and issues of health and safety are present.

The public is encouraged to attend the meeting, which will begin at 7 p.m., in the council chambers.

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