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YORK – While the city has not contracted with any company to do work on the heating and air conditioning system at the city auditorium, the city did receive a summary of what the scope of work could look like, as well as how much it could cost.

In a review of the system, an independent company looked at the building and said the HVAC system, “including the forced air units, DX condensing units, hot water boiler system and the pneumatic control system have far exceeded their life expectancy.”

The company also recognizes that the roof and windows need replacement.

One proposed idea is an energy conservation project that would include a new roof, a commercial grade window system incorporating thermally insulated frames and glass, and a HVAC system with a new energy management system.

The benefits, the summary says, would include reduced energy consumption of 30% or more which could help fund the capital improvements; improved comfort and control of the individual spaces within the building; extension of the useful life of the structure for many years; and the project could be implemented in multiple phases as funds allow.

Estimated implementation costs of such a project have been projected as follows: building upgrades, between $500,000 and $750,000; HVAC renovation, between $1 million and $1.5 million.

The scope of work for the heating and air system, as outlined, includes removal of all cooling coils, piping, accessories, exterior condensing units, exterior piping, electrical connections to the main panels, existing supply and return fans, fresh air intake and seal roof opening. It also includes the installation of two new rooftop units, the routing of electrical power from existing panels to new units, rerouting a gas line, rerouting ductwork, installing a new condensing unit outside, installing new outside air intake and relief louvers in existing window openings, installing new units on south end of lower level, and much more (in terminology few laymen recognize).

If such a project would be started right now, there would be a number of steps before implementation. After a study and review of the phases, projects, financing and scope of work, as well as council approval, the next step would be to solicit bids from contractors. It is proposed by the reviewing company that if this project were to start next summer (just as an example), the preliminary work should start now.

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