YORK – Kasie Wood, 28, of York, has been sent to jail for 111 days which is the remainder of her post-release supervision period that was part of her sentencing on a drug-related conviction.

She was convicted of possession of methamphetamine in a case that began in May of 2017.

She was the driver of a car that was found parked in an area of the industrial park in York. A deputy with the York County Sheriff’s Department was on regular patrol when he saw the vehicle in an area that former York County Attorney Christopher Johnson said (during the earlier factual basis proceedings) is “a high drug use area where many people have been arrested” for that type of activity.

After making contact with Wood and determining that she “was under the influence of something,” the county’s drug dog gave a positive indication to the presence of narcotics and a probable cause search was done of the vehicle. Johnson said investigators found methamphetamine.

After she was convicted and sentenced, prosecutors say she absconded from post release supervision.

“She is unlikely to comply with the remainder of that term, which is 111 days,” said Deputy York County Attorney Benjamin Dennis, during court proceedings this week.

Her attorney, York County Public Defender David Michel said his client was willing to sit out the remainder of that time in jail.

“I just want to thank you for your time, I would like to apologize,” Wood said to Judge James Stecker. “I would like the opportunity to go to treatment and I want to go forward with my life.”

“You were a no show for your evaluation, you did put in some programming but you didn’t complete it, you missed testing, you tested positive and you absconded,” Judge Stecker said to Wood. “I will revoke your post-release supervision and impose 111 days in jail which is the remainder of your post-release supervision. You need to follow through for yourself and make changes. If you get in more trouble, you will just serve more time . . . it’s your choice.”

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