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YORK – Two agencies – Workforce Development (through the state department of labor) and vocational rehabilitation (also a state entity) – will no longer be using office space in the York County Courthouse.

They had been using, a few times a month, the main office space in the basement of the courthouse. But with many actual county departments having to move office space around in the next few months to accommodate for remodeling, the state agencies will be notified that there just isn’t room for them any longer.

There had already been discussion about the Workforce space in the past, as the state agency only used it a couple of times a month – rather than full-time as it had been years ago.

“I asked the county attorney for his opinion, if we can just move them out,” said Commissioner Bill Bamesberger. “His opinion is that they have no say in being here, they have no financial input and there is no requirement to have them here or pay for them to be elsewhere.

“Last week, the construction company (which is doing the remodeling) said they wanted to work, that day, in the sheriff’s department, so we met with the people from Workforce Development who were here and said they had to be moved, so sheriff offices could come downstairs,” Bamesberger explained.

He said Workforce staff took a lot of equipment and other items with them – and they were given a temporary space in the little basement office where the weed superintendent was once located.

Bamesberger said some of Workforce’s technological property was still in the original office and that staff had said if the move was permanent they would then remove it. And if the move from the courthouse altogether was going to be a permanent situation, they would be finding another location in York.

“With the few hours they are even here a month, we’re not doing justice to that office space,” Bamesberger said. “We will be doing a lot of moving offices around and our issue now is if we let workforce stay in the courthouse considering the few hours they are even here each month. I did prepare a letter we could use if we want to move them out of the courthouse permanently, if that’s what we want to do.”

“Lisa Hurley (executive director of the York County Development Corporation) would be a good partner to help them find a new location,” said Commissioner Kurt Bulgrin.

“I have no problem letting them use that old weed office until they find a space,” said Commissioner Randy Obermier.

“We need to give them a date for when they need to be out,” said Bulgrin.

“The letter I drafted says 30 days, you can make it say whatever you want it to,” Bamesberger responded.

“I want them to get all their stuff out so they can’t say later we damaged it, or whatever,” Bulgrin said. “When do we need that space across the hall?”

“We already do, now, the sheriff is in there right now,” Bamesberger said.

“I think we should have all their stuff moved out now, so they can’t come back on us if something is missing or whatever,” said Bulgrin. “I’m fine with a 30-day notice to completely move out of the courthouse, there’s no reason to dilly dally about it.”

“I agree,” said Commissioner Paul Buller. “Rip the Band-Aid off.”

“There would also be a need to write another letter, to vocational rehabilitation also,” Obermier said, noting the second agency also utilizes space with workforce development.

“In essence, we are kicking out the department of labor workforce agency, are we also kicking out vocational rehabilitation? They could use this room (the commissioners’ meeting room) when necessary. I’m not against vocational rehab being in the building.”

“My feeling is that this agency will go where Workforce Development goes, but that’s just my assumption,” said York County Attorney Christopher Johnson.

The commissioners all voted in favor of sending both entities letters, informing them they will need to vacate the courthouse within 30 days, so county departments can utilize whatever extra space they have in the courthouse.

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