Physical activities can still take place, and are encouraged, during this time. That can include going for a walk on the Beaver Creek Trails.

YORK -- The COVID-19 pandemic has restricted access to fitness centers and other wellness activities.

Even so, if you’re used to using fitness facilities, but your favorite one has restricted access, there are still plenty of ways to stay active, said Cheree Folts, Director of York Parks and Rec.

“There are lots of home workouts,” Folts said. An example from YPR is “Workout Wednesday,” which offers a fun, themed at-home workout posted on social media. She said there are plenty of other at-home workouts online, too, accessible with just a few keystrokes and clicks.

Even if you don’t have fancy equipment at home, Folts said everyday objects can double as fitness resources. “Body weight stuff is huge,” Folts said. It might seem silly, but doing something as simple as lifting up a chair or doing bicep curls with jugs of milk can be part of an at-home workout.

If you’re a parent, playing with your kids double as a workout. “When you’re playing you’re exercising, and you don’t even know it,” Folts said. “Just go back to your elementary school days.” Folts made a list of fun, creative activities for her and her kids to do together keeping everyone active and entertained.

Creativity can be key, no matter what your age, particularly in the current situation. “This forces us to really look outside the box,” Folts said.

Don’t be afraid to head outdoors, as long as safe social distance is maintained. “Fresh air does the body well,” Folts said. Seemingly everyday things can count as staying active. Doing yard work is one good excuse to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

When cooped up it can be easy to park in front of the TV or computer to let the time pass, but being actively stimulated has been recommended again and again. Folts is no exception. “If we continue to exercise our minds and bodies, it will help us get through.”

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