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YORK – Are there old appliances cluttering up the garage, branches piled up in the yard and just junk in general that needs to be hauled away?

This coming Saturday, Oct. 19, will be the day to get rid of it, as the City of York will be holding a clean-up day.

What that means is residents will be able to take materials to the landfill where it will be accepted for free.

From 9 a.m. until 3 p.m., materials will be accepted – the fees will be offset by city waivers and a sponsorship from the Blue River Area Board of Realtors.

This applies to York County residents only – city officials say only drivers of vehicles with 17 county license plates will be allowed to dump items for free.

This does not apply to businesses, officials said – businesses wanting to dump on this day will be charged regular rates.

The intent of the waived fees on this specific day is to encourage the clean-up of York area residences, as there have been issues discussed over the past year about problem properties. In some instances, there was financial hardship for owners who needed to clean up their properties.

This will also be an opportunity for residents to get rid of items in their yards that might contribute to standing water situations. This is being promoted by the Four Corners Health Department, in an effort to fight the spread of the Aedes Aegypti mosquito (particularly in the southwest portion of the city, where the mosquito has been detected). While the mosquito is predominantly in that area of the city, the practice of getting rid of water-collecting items is being encouraged within all areas of city limits.

At the landfill, workers will be accepting (for free) air conditioners, old televisions, automobile parts, bicycles, lawn mowers, furniture, appliances, mattresses, branches, trees, yard waste, batteries and motor oil.

They will not be accepting for free the following: tires, commercial chemicals, household hazardous waste and paint. These will be accepted in the future during a separate collection date, should a grant be received – tentatively next year.

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