YORK -- The annual York County 4-H Banquet ceremoniously wrapped up another great 4-H year. On Sunday, Oct. 27, 4-H families were invited to a banquet celebration at Chances ‘R’.

4-H members were honored and volunteers were recognized.

Sixteen 4-H members were recognized for their 4-H accomplishments through the 4-H Achievement Application process. Medals were awarded to individuals showing outstanding achievement in a particular curriculum area. For completing an application or record book, Clover Kids were given a $10 Scholarship and 4-H’ers were given a $20 scholarship to be used toward any 4-H event starting in 2020, sponsored by the York County 4-H Council. Earning medals in curriculum areas were:

Clover Kids: Ethan Fago, Theodore Kavan, and Bennet Perdue

Agriculture: Bridget Kavan, Kate Otte, Luke Otte, Dakota Wollenburg, Grace Regier, Bailey Hall and Emma Hall

STEM: Garett Regier

Leadership & Entrepreneurship: Mason Epp, Ava Epp, Pieper Epp, and Olivia Linhart

Healthy Living: Harley Hedrick

The Outstanding First Year 4-H’er award is given to a 4-H members in their first year of 4-H who demonstrates outstanding involvement and has completed their Career Portfolio. The 2019 Outstanding First Year 4-H’er awards was given to Emma Hall and Harley Hedrick.

The Outstanding Senior 4-H’er award is given to a 4-H members who has been a leader in the program and completed their Career Portfolio. The winner receives a $500 college scholarship sponsored by the York County 4-H Council. This year’s recipients of this award were Hannah Blender and Kaitlynn Pavel.

The Nebraska Diamond Clover Awards are part of a noncompetitive program that recognizes the accomplishments of 4-H members across the state. The Diamond Clover consists of six levels that require a 4-H member to plan and report chosen accomplishments. Examples of accomplishments are learning the 4-H Pledge, completing the Career Portfolio, and recruiting a

new 4-H member. As members progress through each level, the accomplishments become more involved. The ultimate goal is to receive the Diamond level Pin.

Receiving the Amethyst Pin and completing 3 accomplishments are Emma Hall, Annah Perdue, Lane Perdue, Bridget Kavan, Mason Epp, and Harley Hedrick. Receiving the Aquamarine Pin and completing 4 accomplishments are Olivia Linhart, Luke Otte, Kate Otte, Garett Regier, and Grace Regier. Completing 5 accomplishments and receiving the Ruby pin are Ava Epp and Pieper Epp. Completing 6 accomplishments and receiving the Sapphire pin are Bailey Hall and Dakota Wollenburg.

York County has a strong, traditional 4-H club program with many long-standing clubs in the area. This year, we were excited to recognize greatness in club programs through the Club of Excellence Award. To receive the designation as a Nebraska 4-H Club of Excellence, clubs must meet a certain set of criteria and document how this criteria was met. This criteria includes having a minimum number of meetings each year and planning an annual service project. Clubs are encouraged to apply annually to receive this recognition. Receiving this designation is the Lively Livestock, McClover Junction, and HighPoint Livestock 4-H Clubs.

4-H leaders were also recognized for reaching milestones in their years of volunteer service. Receiving 2 year awards were Karah Perdue, Jason Perdue, Ryan Minary, and Shandra Minary. Receiving 5 year awards were Andrea Dey, Bob Pavel, Dan Pedersen, and Casey Tonniges. Receiving 10 year awards were Mark Brugger and Brian Pohl. Receiving 15 year award was Michele Schwartz. Receiving 25 year award was Diane Crowder.

Special Recognition was also given to Linda Blender, Lori Mittman, Shellie Rathjen, Leslie Regier, Kirby Linhart, Chase Cotton, Creighton Hirschfeld, Hannah Blender and Chaylee Tonniges as a thank you for their service to York County 4-H as council members.

The Gene Bergen Heart of 4-H Award went to Jeanette Postier. This award is given annually to a York County 4-H volunteer who has gone above and beyond in supporting the local program.

The Outstanding 4-H Alumni recipient was Mary Bristol, in recognition of all of her work with the York County 4-H Program as a club leader and 4-H Council member for many years. This award is given annually to a York County 4-H volunteer who was a former 4-H member and has significantly given back to the local program.

Over one hundred forty youth and adults were in attendance. Pictures of the banquet and award winners can be found on the York County Extension Facebook Page.

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