The York Farmer’s Market bustles with activity from both vendors and shoppers. This is the first year the market has been run and organized by York County Relay for Life.

YORK -- A sure sign of summer, the York Farmer’s Market is open for business, this year every Thursday, 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. on the north and east sides of Kilgore Memorial Library.

The market has changed hands this year; in previous years it was organized by the York Area Chamber of Commerce, but is transitioning to being led by York County Relay for Life. In January, the Chamber reached out to York County Relay for Life, offering it as a fundraising opportunity. “Relay has always done opening night, and doing cake and cookies for survivors,” said Sadie Wright of York County Relay for Life. “We also used it as an advertising opportunity for Relay.”

So far, the change has been successful. “The first week went really well,” Wright said. “The Chamber is helping us with the transition.” Part of that transition includes COVID-19 adjustments. “We’re in a new location instead of being in the green space by the library,” Wright said. “We have to have 10 feet between vendors.” The benefit of having the markets down the north and east sides of the library is that the entire market can be accessed on sidewalk. Cornavirus-related regulations specify that patrons go through the market in one direction. The York Farmer’s Market requests patrons begin at 6th and Nebraska.

A variety of fare was available, from jams and jellies, to home décor. Ready-to-eat meals were also available. Food left over from the York County Relay for Life event was made available that first Thursday for a free-will donation. “We sold out before the first hour was up,” Wright said, adding that the nonprofit had netted about $600. “We’re working to get our (Relay) teams to provide meals different weeks during the market for their fundraising,” Wright said.

Registration fees have not changed; season-long vendor fees remain at $60, or vendors can register on a weekly basis for $15 per week. “Those vendors are actually getting a tax-deductible donation by donating to Relay for Life,” Wright explained. The market is still accepting vendors. Registration forms can be found on the York Area Chamber of Commerce website. There are also paper copies of registration forms at the Chamber office.

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