YORK – Damien R. Hartman, 26, of York, is facing the possibility of resentencing in two felony cases in which he was originally given probation.

He was in York County District Court this week, before Judge James Stecker, as he is accused of violating the terms of his probation.

In April, 2019, he was given probation after being caught with a knife in the parking lot of the Kilgore Library in York – because he is a registered sex offender he is prohibited from being in possession of items that can be considered deadly weapons.

In October, 2018, his probation was extended, for failing to report his residency as a registered sex offender.

Both convictions are Class 4 felonies, so if his probation is revoked, he could again be facing the possibility of a two-year prison term, a $10,000 fine, and 9-12 months of post-release supervision (if he is incarcerated).

This week, Judge Stecker read the list of alleged violations, which include that he didn’t obey laws, he didn’t abstain from alcohol/controlled substances, he failed to pay for chemical testing and he failed to pay for programming fees.

Hartman, who said he is currently homeless, asked for a court appointed attorney and the court found that he is indigent. The York County Public Defender was appointed to the case.

The matter was continued to Jan. 27, at which time Hartman will have the opportunity to deny or admit to the allegations.

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