YORK – Juan Paulo Nacana, 36, of York, pleaded no contest this week to attempted sale of property without consent of the lien holder.

He was initially charged with sale of property without consent of lien holder, which is a Class 4 felony. That was amended to a Class 1 misdemeanor as part of a plea agreement.

Nacana appeared before Judge James Stecker this week, with the assistance of an interpreter.

During the factual basis proceedings, York County Attorney Christopher Johnson explained that Nacana completed an auto sales transaction at a local vehicle dealership. Johnson said Nacana turned over a 2004 Accord toward the purchase of a 2006 Impala. The Accord was then sold to a third party – however, when the third party tried to title that vehicle, the person could not do so because there was an active lien on the vehicle (in favor of a title company in Missouri). The dealership questioned Nacana, Johnson said, “as did law enforcement, and it was determined he’d received several duplicate titles and he turned the vehicle over (traded in to the dealership) knowing these liens were still active on the title. He admitted to knowing the liens were active and didn’t ask permission from the lien holder before turning the vehicle over (to the dealership).”

Johnson said the total loss to the dealership was $3,500. It was acknowledged that $1,500 had already been paid in restitution, by Nacana. As part of the plea agreement, Nacana agreed to pay back the remaining $2,000.

With his change of plea, Nacana is now facing the possibility of one year in jail as well as a $1,000 fine. The plea agreement calls for the state to recommend probation in order for restitution to be paid to the victim – however, that decision still lies in the hands of the judge.

Sentencing has been scheduled for Jan. 13.

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