Kim Brehm

The Golden Apple Award winner is Kim Brehm YES Title I Reading/ ELL/ Physical Education teacher, pictured with YNT Publisher Carrie Colburn.

YORK—York Public School teachers and staff filled the York High School Auditorium to kick off the upcoming school year.

The much-coveted Golden Apple Award and Unsung Heroes Award were presented during the event. York News Times Publisher Carrie Colburn presented Kim Brehm – York Elementary School Title I Reading/ ELL/ Physical Education teacher – the Golden Apple Award.

Brehm was lauded by her peers for her many roles at YES. Brehm started teaching at YPS in 1999, building a diverse collection of teaching roles, from high school P.E. to first grade. In her nomination, peers said: “She has been dedicated to helping students achieve personal and team goals outside of the classroom as a basketball and volleyball coach for several years at both the high school and middle school level – as well as having trained HS student to be lifeguards and conducting a swimming unit in fourth and fifth grades.”

Other comments noted her ability to work as a team player, and sharing her attributes with her colleagues, one of whom called her “kind, personable, flexible, genuine, positive, considerate, and hard-working.” Another noted: “She is respected by peers and students alike.”

York News Times Publisher Carrie Colburn said that it is an honor for the organization to present the award, and that the York News Times is proud to partner with area schools. “We love covering the school and classroom activities,” Colburn said, urging faculty and staff to share their events and activities with the York News Times.

The Unsung Heroes award was given to three YPS employees: Mike Brackhan, YMS Head Custodian; Deb Stuhr, YPS Counseling Center Administrative Assistant; and Monica Cross, YES Paraprofessional. The trio was lauded for being “tremendously kind” and willing to “help kids and the administration every day.” The well-deserved award is given to YPS staff members who may make a difference in their school but don’t receive as much attention as others tend to.

Mike Brackhan, Deb Stuhr and Monica Cross

The Unsung Heroes are Mike Brackhan, YMS Head Custodian; Deb Stuhr, YPS Counseling Center Administrative Assistant; and Monica Cross, YES Paraprofessional

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