YORK – Aaron Dressel, York’s public works director, has resigned his position in order to take a new position with the City of Lincoln.

Dressel said the decision to take a new job and leave his position in York was a difficult one, “as York has always been very good to me.”

Dressel (a native of Minnesota) and his wife moved to York County in 2001, as she is a native from this area. Once arriving here, he worked in the area of maintenance at Kroy Building Products in York and then worked in the area of building/utility maintenance for York General Health Care Services.

In January, 2006, he started his career with the City of York, with the wastewater department. He later became the wastewater manager.

His biggest achievement, in that department, he said in an earlier interview, was being a part of the construction of the city’s new wastewater facility.

Last December, he was named the new head of the city’s public works department.

Dressel said Tuesday that he will be the new wastewater facilities maintenance coordinator for the City of Lincoln. He explained that in the position, he will be part of a team overseeing maintenance and projects.

“It was a tough decision, but it was a career decision,” Dressel said. “Everyone here has been great to work with and it’s hard to believe I moved here to York almost exactly 19 years ago, on the Fourth of July.”

Dressel said he and his family will continue living in York County for the time being and he expects to commute for now, as his kids are still students at Nebraska Lutheran and his wife works there as well.

Dressel said he will be finished working for the City of York on Friday, July 10, and will start at his new position the following Monday.

“I just want to say a big thanks to everyone in York,” Dressel said. “It’s been a lot of good years.”

Mayor Barry Redfern said he and other city officials “wish him and his family the very best. We hate to lose him, though, as I felt he was such an asset to the city.”

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