Fair season is, without a doubt, my favorite time of year.

Events that bring people together always give me the most joy and the county fair is one perfect example of such an event. It is the one time of year where we get see all of our 4-H members within the span of a week!

We also get to see, first hand, the direct result of every 4-H member’s hard work throughout the year. It takes dedication, drive, resilience and a love for learning to keep that county fair enthusiasm. These are the qualities that I witnessed in the numerous people who made one of the most memorable weeks of the year come to life. Fair is nothing without the people who make it happen. And in York County, we certainly are not short on “make it happen” people. Thank you to the superintendents and volunteers who sign up to spearhead the various shows and judging events. Thank you to the 4-H Council members for their support of the 4-H program and offer a helping hand at a moment’s notice. Thank you to the Extension Board members who came to various fair events. Thank you to the managers and 4-H families who kept the 4-H Food Stand running throughout the week. Thank you to the Ag Society members who make sure we have what we need at all times and are always supportive of our 4-H and FFA exhibitors. Thank you to our dynamic Extension Office team who support each other and keep things fun! Most of all, thank you to all the 4-H families who came out to the fair and gave it their all. The best thing about county fair is the opportunity to see their hard work in the spotlight and see kids shine like no other. So, thank you York County for another memorable fair!

Back to School Tips

The busyness of afterschool activities and homework assignments is on the horizon. As families are pulled in different directions for school, work, practices and activities, time as a family comes at a premium. Here are a few tips for transitioning to the fall routine:

Switching from a summer to a school schedule can be stressful to everyone in the household. Avoid first-day-of-school mayhem by practicing your routine a few days in advance. Set the alarm clock, go through your morning rituals, and get in the car or to the bus stop on time. Routines help children feel comfortable, and establishing a solid school routine will make the first day of school go much smoother.

Point out the positive aspects of starting school to create positive anticipation about the first day of class. They will see old friends and meet new ones. Talk with them about positive experiences they may have had in the past at school or with other groups of children.

If it is a new school for your child, attend any available orientations and take an opportunity to tour the school before the first day. Bring the child to school a few days prior to class to play on the playground and get comfortable in the new environment.

If you feel it is needed, drive your child (or walk with her) to school and pick her up on the first day, and get there early on the first day to cut down on unnecessary stress.

(Sources: “Back To School Tips”, healthychildren.org and “Back To School Tips for Parents”, pbs.org)

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