Paul Vrbka

Paul Vrbka

YORK – It has been officially determined that Lt. Paul Vrbka will be the only name advancing to the ballot in the General Election when it comes to the seat of York County Sheriff . . . and he will ultimately take the position of York County Sheriff in 2019.

York County Sheriff Dale Radcliff announced earlier this year that he would not be seeking reelection.

There were initially two candidates – Vrbka and Sean Burnham.

Later, after the filings for the Primary closed, Burnham made the announcement he was dropping out of the race and would not be actively challenging Vrbka. He also announced that he would be endorsing Vrbka.

But because of the date Burnham announced he would no longer be a candidate, his name still appeared on the Primary ballot.

After all the votes were counted Tuesday, Vrbka emerged the official winner, earning 1,588 votes, compared to 114 for Burnham. There were two write-in votes.

Lt. Vrbka has a bachelor’s degree of science in criminal justice management and graduated from the Nebraska Law Enforcement Academy in 1979. He earned his associates degree in criminal justice in 1978 and has numerous certifications in many areas of law enforcement. He has been with the York County Sheriff’s Department for 36 years, working in many different capacities including road deputy, night sergeant and administrative lieutenant.

When asked why he decided to run for the position of sheriff, he said, “I have a strong passion and desire to continue my law enforcement career as the next York County Sheriff. I have had the opportunity to work for the York County Sheriff's Department for 36 years and I have the education and experience to create a seamless and smooth transition when Sheriff Radcliff retires. I have been fortunate to have gained valuable knowledge and experience while working alongside Sheriff Radcliff.”

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