CLAIM: Police in Oklahoma used “PIG” as the name on a Starbucks order from a mobile app to plant a false story for sympathy.

THE FACTS: A Starbucks employee used “PIG” on a Thanksgiving Day order placed in person by a police officer in Kiefer, Oklahoma, according to a joint press release issued by Starbucks and Kiefer police. The officer was buying five beverages for 911 dispatchers as a thank you for working the holiday. A claim circulated on Twitter suggesting that police submitted “pig" as the name on the order to draw sympathy.

“Starbucks has a profanity filter in place to prevent things like this from happening. The only way for the name “pig” to show up on a cup is for the customer to set that as their own name in the mobile order app. In other words, the pig cops faked this for a bullshit sob story,” the post stated.

The order was not made using the app because the word “cafe” was printed on the label. The false tweet received over 90,000 retweets and 430,000 likes. The company said in a Nov. 29 statement that the employee who wrote the “offensive word on a cup” exercised poor judgment and was no longer a Starbucks employee after violating company policy. Kiefer Police Chief Johnny O’Mara called the store after the officer told him of the situation, according to a report published by The Associated Press, and posted a picture of one of the cups on social media. The police chief did not respond to a request for further comment from the AP.

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