Craig Vincent, on behalf of the Nebraska Public Power District, presented to the city of York this clock in appreciation of the extension of the entities’ contract. Accepting on behalf of the city was Mayor Barry Redfern.

YORK – Craig Vincent from Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) made his annual report before the city council this past week, talking about the mutual benefits of this long relationship which will reach decades into the future thanks to a recently-signed contract extension.

Vincent said 2019 will be the sixth year without any overall rate increase, partly thanks to enhanced technology.

He also pointed out that NPPD continues to be committed “to helping customers to be successful through sustainability and helping communities grow through economic development and other types of support.”

And there are financial benefits to this community, Vincent pointed out. For example, NPPD’s 2018 lease payment to the city was $1,729,924. The municipal discount value was $139,241. The gross revenue tax was $712,627. And NPPD paid $750,551 in city sales tax, with a portion of that coming from electric sales – he added that this amount increased about $150,000 from the prior year due to an increase in materials used by the operations center for work in other locations.

He also noted that having the operations center in York also is a benefit because the entity employs 120 people, in the York area. “They are working right here, we have a large payroll in this community,” Vincent said.

Looking to the future, NPPD is considering a solar power generation facility for York, as the organization continues to look at renewable energy options.

“We will want to have a whole meeting just about this in the future,” Vincent said, explaining that the city would identify land on which it could be located. “And we think there are a couple of city sites that are already promising.”

He said NPPD would buy all the output from that generator and then it would be re-sold to customers in York.

Vincent said this new type of renewable energy has been creating great interest in other communities as well, around the state, and when it comes to having one in York, NPPD “hopes to have more detailed conversations in the future.”

Also coming in the future, Vincent said further, is a large addition to the south side of the operations center in York. Part of this project would include a training facility – they hope to have the project completed in 2020.

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