County Court

• Possession of one ounce or less of marijuana – Drake Suddarth, York, fined $300.

• Possession of one ounce or less of marijuana – Eric D. Walker, York, fined $300.

• Driving under suspension/before reinstatement – Timothy J. Welch, Benedict, fined $100. Also operating or parking an unregistered vehicle, fined $25.

• Theft by unlawful taking, $0-$500 – Jonathan A. Gilchrist, Pleasant Dale, sentenced to 10 days jail, given credit for seven days already served.

• Driving under suspension/before reinstatement – Joshua Shaw, York, fined $100.

• Driving during revocation/impoundment – Andre F. Hill, Geneva, sentenced to 30 days jail, driver’s license revoked for one year.

• Driving under suspension/before reinstatement – Steven C. Zucco, York, fined $100.

• Theft by receiving stolen property, $0-$500 – Rashawn Cooper, Lincoln, sentenced to three days jail and given credit for three days already served. Also possession of one ounce or less of marijuana, fined $300.

Traffic violations

• No operator’s license – Jesus A. Lopez Morales, Grand Island, fined $75.

• Failure to use caution while passing stopped emergency vehicles – Deborah A. Erickson, Holdrege, dismissed.

• Non-resident violation – Raymond A. Fee, Henderson, fined $25.

• License violation, acts declared unlawful – Jessica M. Whittam, Sparta, N.J., fined $50.

• No operator’s license – Julio C. Chevez Acosta, York, fined $75.

• Failure to yield right-of-way for emergency vehicles – Nicole R. Nisly, Utica, fined $100. Also no operator’s license, fined $75.


• Hanna R. Whitt, Grand Island, fined $25.

• Diego A. Soares, Gainesville, Va., fined $200.

• Matthew M. Flores, Omaha, dismissed.

• Cooper P. Gierhan, Utica, fined $75.

• Jeremy L. Smith, Shelby, fined $25.

• Sandra J. Vaisvilas, Lincoln, fined $75.

• Anne A. Frybarger, Elko, Nev., fined $25.

• Masel Miljko, Seattle, Wash., fined $200.

• Eric Yim, York, fined $75.

• Logan P. West, York, fined $125.

• Alyssa G. Gonzales, Clifton, N.J., fined $200.

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