Harvey Merrill

Harvey Merrill displays the 2019 YNT Treasure Hunt medallion after finding it Saturday morning at the York Fairgrounds.

YORK - At 9:30 on Saturday morning, Harvey Merrill of York found the hidden medallion at the York Fairgrounds.

Merrill said that he had spent a few hours the previous weekend searching and some time on Friday as well, but it was Saturday morning's clue that led him to the wooden beams that line the playground just off of Nebraska Avenue.

Searching by moving his fingers under the northeast corner of the beams the medallion was found for the first time since it was hidden before the July 2nd clue.

This isn't Merrill's first time with finding the treasure, though, as he also claimed the prize in 1997 when it was hidden at Foster Park.

While he doesn't have specific plans for the prize money, Merrill will receive the full $1000 in York Chamber Checks as he had registered at Eakes Office Supply.

Harvey Merrill 1997

Clipping from the YNT in 1997 when Merrill first found the medallion

Clue Explanations

The medallion was hidden underneath the timbers that surround the small children’s playground located close to the Cornerstone Building at the York County Fairgrounds. It was on the north side close to the northeast corner. It was hidden at midnight the evening of June 30.

Clue #1

The Treasure Hunt has been around, Pirate Jim’s getting old,

Again, don’t go south of East and West Nobes Road.

The medallion was hidden late, late in the night.

Where it’s hidden it might not see the light.

The first two lines continue the yearly tradition of Clue #1 that eliminates the part of York that runs out to the interstate. The last two lines were the first indication that the medallion was hidden “under” something.

Online: Thirty + seven

Adds up to 37. Nebraska was the 37th state to enter the union. Nebraska Avenue runs right by the hiding place. Sure, It’s a little vague but then it’s Clue #1.

Clue #2

The Hunt is here again in Year #32….

Don’t look above your waist, that’s what you shouldn’t do.

The medallion was hidden under the cover of night….

To find it, you’re going to have to look just right.

The first lines indicate that the medallion was hidden down low. To see it, you would have had to get way down by the ground to see the edge of the medallion underneath the timbers.

Online: Fast talking + slow walking

The Cornerstone building at the fairgrounds next to the little playground is the site for many auctions throughout the year. Auctioneers talk fast. The fairgrounds has also been the site for the annual Cancer Society event where people walk around a route.

Clue #3

Some think hunting for treasure is pretty neat…

Be courteous of the many people you might meet.

Don’t climb, don’t dig and don’t destroy any tree….

The use of your fingers might set the treasure free.

The first two lines indicate a place where you might see a lot of people such as the County Fair or the Firecracker Frenzy. It was probably easier to feel the edge of the medallion under the timbers rather than get close enough to see it.

Online: Quad corners

The timbers around the playground are in the shape of a rectangle which has four corners.

Clue #4

The voices of children you might hear on this day….

Be careful should they get in your way.

Before the medallion can ever be found….

You must stay very close to the ground.

The medallion was hidden by a playground which is frequented by small children. The last lines indicate again that the medallion was hidden very close to the ground.

Online: One over One

There are two timbers around the playground which are stacked one on top of another.

Clue #5

Some say that Pirate Jim is just an old fool.

He’ll say this year you don’t have to look by a school.

Clues are hard to figure out but you’ll win if you can

Where it’s hidden, the medallion wouldn’t get a good tan.

The first two lines eliminate any of the school locations in York. The last lines again are an indication the medallion was “under” something.

Online: Golfer’s tool

Some of the clubs in a golfer’s bag have traditionally been called a “wood”. The timbers which covered the medallion were wooden.

Clue #6

If you would find it all others would envy,

The excitement would create quite a frenzy.

You’d take the big prize and should you select it.

The Pirate says the atmosphere would be quite electric.

“Frenzy” is the key word in the first two lines. The fairgrounds is the site of the Firecracker Frenzy on July 3. “Electric” is the key word in the last lines. Go to any wedding dance and you’ll have a chance to dance the “Electric slide”. There is a slide in the playground.

Online: 1 then 2

There are three swings on the playground. One on the outside of the brace. Then two more inside of the supporting brace.

Clue #7

Last week the medallion couldn’t get any sleep.

It peeked out and saw quite a feat.

Where it sits it can’t see the sky.

Wait, was that a Cornhusker that just walked by?

The first two lines again reference the Firecracker Frenzy which happened right after the Treasure Hunt started. We are the Nebraska Cornhuskers again referencing the nearby Nebraska Avenue.

Online: Nailed it

Again referencing the wooden nature of the hiding place.

Clue #8

To see when the medallion was hidden, you had to be an owl.

Ask yourself, do you know the opposite of foul?

A firm foundation will help you get it done.

And when you hunt, make sure to have fun.

The opposite of foul is fair, again making it clear that it was the fairgrounds that housed the medallion. The “Firm Foundation” is part of Cornerstone Bank’s slogan talking about the nearby Cornerstone Building at the Fairgrounds. The last line talks about having fun which is what kids have on the playground.

Online: Down

This describes what happens on the slide at the playground and when combined with the online clue on clue #9 describes the spiral slide at the playground.

Clue #9

When you win will they give you a hug?

You might even dance the jitterbug.

Be careful, don’t step on all the little feet,

And don’t let them run out on the nearby street.

The jitterbug is a form of a swing dance. Three swings on the playground. The third line again talks about children and the last line describes the hiding place as close to the street which is Nebraska Avenue.

Online: And Around

Talking about the spiral nature of the slide on the playground.

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