Chief Ed Tjaden

Chief Ed Tjaden

YORK – York Police Chief Ed Tjaden has provided some important information about upcoming changes in the department’s dispatch services.

“On Oct. 1, the York Police Department will begin contracting with York County for dispatch services,” he explained. “There are important changes that the public should be aware of. The York Police Department is still offering the same 24-hour, seven days per week police services we always have. There have been no changes to jurisdictional boundaries or law enforcement duties. The residents of the City of York will still receive the same law enforcement services they always have. The changes are centered on the dispatch function, and will affect the hours that administrative services will be available at the York Police Department.

“All phone calls to the York Police Department will initially be handled by York County Dispatch. Administrative calls will be forwarded via phone line to the police department, and calls requiring dispatch of officers will be dispatched directly to those officers.

“The non-emergency phone number currently in use for the York Police Department, 402-363-2640, will remain in use but will be directed to the York County Communications.

“Continue to use the 911 phone line for reporting emergencies.”

He also notes changes at the police station itself.

“The York Police Department ‘counter’ or walk-in assistance hours will be 8 a.m. through 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, with regular city business holidays observed. The lobby will be unlocked 24 hours per day, and a phone with instructions will be available to contact dispatch in order to reach an officer.

“Again, the York Police Department is still offering the same services to the public we always have,” Chief Tjaden said. “The consolidated dispatch model is highly functional and has seen great success in other communities across Nebraska and the United States. There will undoubtedly be a learning period for all involved, but we look forward to offering more streamlined communications and services, and appreciate the public’s patience.”

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