York County Commissioners

York County Commissioners

YORK – A rare mosquito for this area of the world, which has never before been discovered in the state of Nebraska, has been found in the City of York.

Laura McDougal, the director of Four Corners Health Department, told the York County Commissioners about the discovery of this type of mosquito during her regular report made Tuesday morning.

“This is specific to the City of York itself, and it’s garnered the attention of the Center for Disease Control,” McDougal said. “For the last few years, we have been trapping for mosquitoes and then we look at what kinds we have and we test for West Nile and other diseases. We haven’t found any mosquitoes with West Nile this year, but we have found an invasive type of mosquito never found in Nebraska before. It is a tropical mosquito that can carry tropical diseases.”

The name of the mosquito is Aedes Aegypti.

She said this particular type of mosquito originates in Africa and is typically only found in tropical climates. McDougal said it has the capability of carrying diseases like Yellow Fever, Zika Virus and others.

“We don’t want it in Nebraska,” McDougal said, stressing that while this type of mosquito can carry those diseases, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are.

And there hasn’t been any report of any sort that anyone in the City of York has contracted any form of disease after being bitten by this type of mosquito.

The issue right now is that this type of mosquito has been found in York.

“We are getting with the state health department in the matter and we will release more information,” McDougal said. “We will also do a campaign to encourage people to get rid of any vessels or situations where there is standing water, as we would with mosquitoes in general. Right now, you wouldn’t know it from another type of mosquito. We just encourage people to use the measures to avoid being bitten,” such as applying DEET repellant, wearing sleeves and pants when outdoors, avoiding being outdoors at dusk and dawn, etc.

More information from the health department will be published in the near future. 

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