The following questions were asked recently on the Wonderline:

Q: Can we hand-deliver our recall ballots to the courthouse? And if we can, what is the cut-off time and deadline?

A: York County Clerk Kelly Turner says, “Yes, voters can hand-deliver their ballots to the clerk’s office” if they so choose. “They have to be to the clerk’s office by 5 p.m., on Feb. 12.”

Q: There is a memorial outside the York police station and it is dedicated, as far as I can tell, to a police officer who lost his life while on duty. Can you tell us the story about this officer?

A: We found a narrative written by York Police Officer J.R. Wolfe, which tells the story about Officer James M. Richardson II.

Officer Wolfe wrote:

“James M. Richardson II was born June 14, 1952 to James Richardson and Lilly Lewis in McCook, Red Willow County, Nebraska.

“James was a United States Army Vietnam Era Veteran, serving from May 6, 1971 until Feb. 5, 1974, discharged as a sergeant.

“He began his law enforcement career shortly after separating from the service in Rawlins County, Kansas as a deputy sheriff. He served a brief stint as a police officer in McCook, Nebraska for about six months before becoming an officer with the York Police Department in June 1976.

“On Friday, April 22, 1977, Officer Richardson worked the 1500 to 2300 hours shift. At about 2230 hours, just a half hour from going off duty, Officer Richardson was responding to a report of shots fired in the 1400 block of North Blackburn Avenue. The shooter was shooting at his own residence with a .22 caliber rifle from the parking lot of the Arbor Drive Baptist Church, just across the street. Officer Richardson parked on the west side of the street across from the residence where the gunfire was reported. Officer Richardson exited his cruiser and was on foot in the front lawn of the Arbor Drive Baptist Church. When Sergeant Ron Dickerson responded as back up, Officer Richardson was already lying on the lawn, having been shot by a .22 caliber hollow point round fired by the shooter. Officer Richardson was struck a half inch above his bullet proof vest and succumbed to his wound swiftly. Officer Richardson was about to begin his training for state certification on the Monday after the shooting.

“On Monday, April 25, 1977, a memorial service was held at the Church of the Nazarene in York. It was attended by over 100 officers from around the state of Nebraska. His funeral was held April 26, 1977 at the Methodist Church in Stratton, Hitchcock County, Nebraska, which was Officer Richardson’s home town. He was buried in the Rose Hill Cemetery, near Stratton after the service.

“The suspect, a 17-year-old juvenile, was apprehended an hour after the shooting. The juvenile was tried as an adult, convicted of second degree murder on July 11, 1977, and served nine years of a 20-year sentence and released on August 14, 1986.

“In 1990, Officer Richardson was inducted into the Police Officers’ Association of Nebraska Hall of Fame.

“On Peace Officers Memorial Day, in May 1992, the officers of the York Police Department dedicated a memorial to Officer Richardson outside the York Police Department, with the hope that no more names be added to it.”

Q: I lost one of the license plates off my car. I’m not sure if it fell off or someone took it. Either way, what do I do now?

A: According to information from the treasurer’s office, on the county’s website, “if it is a personalized plate, contact the York County Treasurer’s office to have them re-order you a new plate. If it is a standard issue plate, you will need to bring your remaining plate into the treasurer’s office in order to have them issue you a new set.” There is a minimal charge.

Q: I want to make zucchini “noodles” but I don’t have that spiral attachment and machine to do it. Could I just cut zucchini ribbons by using a potato peeler?

A: Yes, you sure can make “zoodles” without a spiralizer. Just peel all the way from one end to the other and repeat until your zucchini is reduced down to the core/seeds. Just stand it on one end and peel downward.

Here’s one tip if you are making zoodles – those made with a peeler tend to be very thin and delicate. They need very little cooking. Too much cooking, and they will go to mush in no time. Just give them a quick saute and they are ready to go.

Q: What is the S.T.O.P. program and how do I find out if I am eligible? What kinds of cases are not eligible for the S.T.O.P. program?

A: STOP (Safety Training Option Program) is a program where persons cited with certain minor traffic violations may have their violation dismissed upon paying the course fee and completion of a 4-hour defensive driving course.

• The following situations will provide that a person is not eligible for the S.T.O.P. Program: speeding more than 20 miles per hour over the speed limit; any injury accident; leaving the scene of an accident; driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs; participating in a speed competition; operating a motor vehicle to avoid arrest; refusing a breath or blood test; driving on a suspended or revoked operator’s license; any violation classified as a misdemeanor or a felony; operating a motor vehicle without insurance or other financial responsibility in violation of the Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Act; if you have participated in the S.T.O.P. Program in the last three years; if you hold a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL); if your ticket includes multiple moving violations.

Q: Have we had any presidents who learned English as a second language? I’m just curious, with all this immigration talk going on.

A: Only one president of the United States learned English as his second language.

Van Buren was born in Kinderhook, N.Y., to a family of Dutch Americans. He was raised speaking Dutch and learned English at school.

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