The following questions were asked recently on the Wonderline:

Q: I want to thank the York News-Times for their excellent coverage of state wrestling. So in that same note, I’m wanting to know if it is possible for you guys to list all the area wrestlers who have won state wrestling championships in the past years:

A: We accessed statistics from the NSAA and found the following numbers for area schools:

• Centennial: 1977, Dave Ulch; 1982, Brian Snyder; 1985, Todd Grantski; 1986, David Davis; 1987, Travis Childers; 1988, Travis Childers and Quentin Neujahr; 1989, Mark Avery and Quentin Neujahr; 1992, Ryan O’Hare; 1999, Clint Rhodes; 2001, Brent Pankoke; 2006, Ryan Pankoke; 2009, Breckin Coffey; 2012, Doyle Trout; 2013, Doyle Trout; 2014, Doyle Trout; 2015, Doyle Trout and Steven Bader.

• Fillmore Central: 2012, Luke DeLong; 2015, Jarrod Hinrichs

• Friend: 1970, Patrick Gill; 1971, Pat Gill and Norm Freeman; 1982, Gregg O’Neel; 1988, Eric Homolka and John Pospisil; 2005, Robert Eklund; 2007, Cole Meyer; 2010, Clayton Moore; 2011, Clayton Moore; 2014, Zemua Baptista; 2015, Zemua Baptista and Patrick Dempsey; 2016, Zemua Baptista

• High Plains: 2001, Clint Church; 2007, Travis Kuhn; 2009, Tanner Kuhn; 2017, Logan Russell and Kyle Stevens; 2018, Logan Russell

• Osceola/Stromsburg: 1992, Kyle Habben; 1993, Jason Nuttelman; 1999, Justin Sunday

• Stromsburg: 1970, Tim Stanton; 1972, Lauren Erickson; 1973, Lyle Erickson; 1983, Eric Teegerstrom

• York: 1976, Daryl Meyer; 1977, Tom Holthus and Daryl Meyer; 1978, Daryl Meyer; 1980, Mike Smith; 1981, Mike Smith; 1986, Matt Witte; 1988, Kipp Erickson; 1990, James Tandy; 1991, Paul Hallett; 1992, Paul Hallett; 1993, Scott Berner; 1994, Jared Todd and Brian McDaniel; 1996, Chad Smith; 2002, Derik Logston; 2018, Scott Fulsos

Q: What is the record for the most snow in a 24-hour period in Nebraska history?

A: The record for the most snow in a 24-hour period in Nebraska is 27 inches.

Q: How many national emergencies did recent past presidents declare?

A: Altogether, President Bill Clinton declared 17 national emergencies; President George W. Bush declared 13; and President Barack Obama declared 12, according to a list compiled by the Brennan Center.

The Brennan Center has tracked 58 emergency declarations back to 1978, of which 31 remain in effect.

The information provided by the Associated press says Obama’s emergency declarations were aimed at blocking access to property of “certain persons” involved in crises abroad — Ukraine, Burundi, Venezuela, Central African Republic, South Sudan, Yemen, and Libya, among other countries. He also used the declarations to punish the Russian government and transnational organizations. His only declaration not centered on foreign interests came in 2009, when he declared a national emergency to deal with the H1N1 flu pandemic.

Bush and Clinton were similarly focused on foreign crises in their declarations. Clinton used one to prohibit transactions with the Taliban in 1999; Bush issued several in response to the 2001 terrorist attacks.

Q: I laughed out loud reading the listing of “household hints” that were from an old cookbook referenced by Melanie Wilkinson in her column last week. Yes, what a difference in life between now and then.

My question is if there was a hint in there about cleaning silver. She wrote there were pages and pages and she couldn’t include all of them. So is there any way she could take a look and see if there is an old hint about cleaning silver? I recently bought some antique silverware and silver pieces and they need to be cleaned up. I don’t want to ruin them and I figured the ladies from the old days would surely have known better how to take care of silver.

A: We got out the old St. John’s cookbook and looked in the “hints” pages for cleaning silver. Sure enough, they had plenty of advice from the old days.

They say stubborn tarnish on silver can be remedied by taking a bowl “large enough to contain the silverware. Put in the bowl an old piece of aluminum – do not use an aluminum utensil still in use for cooking as this process would quickly corrode it. Put that piece of aluminum and the silverware in one quarter of water in which is dissolved one teaspoon of salt and one teaspoon of soda. Put it over the fire and boil gently until the tarnish is removed. This gives a satiny appearance and makes the silver clean.”

They also offered the following: “If silver, after it is cleaned, is rubbed with a piece of lemon and then washed and well dried, it acquires an extra brilliancy. It will keep clean longer than with ordinary cleaning.”

Also – “when silver becomes dull, rub it with a piece of potato dipped in baking soda.”

And if there is a stubborn stain on silver – “a dry cork (from wine bottle) will remove stains from silver more quickly than anything else and it never scratches. If the cork is cut to a point, it can be worked into crevices which have become tarnished.”

Q: I and a friend of mine were talking about how we are sick of snow and can’t wait to be outside on a nice summer night. Then we got to talking about Milligan’s June Jubilee and how many years we have been going to it. So our question is: how long has Milligan’s June Jubilee been happening?

A: This summer will be the 32nd June Jubilee in Milligan.

Q: How old is Joe Namath?

A: The famed football player is now 75 years old.

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