The following questions were asked recently on the Wonderline:

Q: Who makes the decision to close the interstate when there is bad winter weather – is it local or state officials who decide?

A: That decision is made on the state level.

Q: How is the responsibility for expense and upkeep of the roads on the perimeter of York County with neighboring counties determined?

A: Counties are responsible for all the stretches of road in their jurisdiction. If counties share a mile, as an example, each is responsible for their half and if there is a bridge being shared by two counties the interlocal cost of maintenance/replacement is shared as well.

Q: We are seeing a lot of wind generator parts being trucked past our residence. We are wondering where these generators are being constructed, where are all these parts going?

A: There are a number of wind generation farms going up in many different locations in the state – so it’s hard to say which caravan of components are going where.

Q: What is the order in which streets are cleared of snow, in York?

A: Major arterial roadways within the city are opened first. These streets include, east to west – Nobes Road, Fourth Street between Lincoln Avenue and East Avenue and west to the Highway 81 bypass, Sixth Street, 12th Street from East Avenue to Washington Avenue, 14th Street, 19th Street and 25th Street.

It also includes those that run north and south – such as Lincoln Avenue, Platte Avenue, Division Avenue, Kingsley, Grant (in the downtown area), Nebraska, East, Blackburn, Delaware and Maine Avenues.

All the frontage roads to South Lincoln Avenue between Nobes Road and ½ mile south of Interstate 80 are included.

Q: When do the cranes arrive in Nebraska each year?

A: They are typically here during a six-week time period, spanning from late February to early April.

Q: What is the city ordinance, in York, regarding sidewalk snow removal and is it enforced?

A: Section 34-40 of the municipal code says that the owners and occupants of all properties in the City of York have to clear the snow from the sidewalks in front of their lots and properties. Failure to do so can result in a misdemeanor citation.

If there is a continued problem with snow not being removed from sidewalks, the owners/occupants are contacted.

If someone has a complaint, they should contact the police department.

Q: Can people snowmobile in the city parks in York?

A: Section 25-1 of the municipal code says it is unlawful for anyone to operate a snowmobile, motorbike, all-terrain vehicle or any type of motor-driven vehicle within the limits of the city park.

Q: Where did Governor Ricketts grow up and where did he go to college?

A: Governor Ricketts was born in Nebraska City. He attended the University of Chicago for both his bachelor and graduate studies and received a MBA in marketing and finance from the university’s Graduate School of Business.

Q: Who were the finalists in the search for a new superintendent for the York district?

A: The school board announced the four finalists earlier this week, prior to selecting Dr. Mitch Bartholomew as the new superintendent of schools.

The finalists selected by the school board members were Dr. Bartholomew, Drew Harris of Thayer Central Community School, Dr. Bret Schroder of Crete Public Schools and Dr. Tiffanie Welte of Ralston Public Schools.

The school board members conducted interviews of the finalists on Tuesday and Wednesday, with their choice announced on Thursday morning.

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