The following questions were asked recently on the Wonderline:

Q: How are the Waco firefighters who were hurt last weekend on the interstate? Can you tell us their names? And how is the department financially after losing that vehicle?

A: The Waco Volunteer Fire Department issued this statement two days ago:

“Again we want to thank all of those who have reached out to us with their well wishes and prayers. It is has been incredible to see the outpouring of support. We wanted to give just a brief update. Of the three firefighters that were hospitalized, two of them are now recovering at home. They are doing well and continue down the road to full recovery.

“We still have one firefighter that is in the hospital. They are scheduled to have surgery this week. Again they are doing well but will have a long road to recovery.

“We are working with our insurance to get the ball rolling on what to do with our two trucks that were taken out of service because of the accident. This will be a long process. But, and as always, Waco will continue to provide the same professional service that our community has always had from us.

“There have been some questions surrounding the names of the firefighters. Because of the wishes of the firefighters and their families, we will not be releasing those names publicly. We ask that those wishes be respected.

“This has been a long road for the department. There is still work to do. But we will always be there for Waco and the surrounding communities and people. Thank you again. And as always, stay safe out there.”

And then on Thursday night, they posted on social media their gratitude to the Cordova Volunteer Fire Department for allowing them to borrow an ambulance for the time being.

Q: Who has the right-of-way when a pedestrian is in the crosswalk, the pedestrian or the car? What is the consequence for the person in the car for honking at the pedestrian and trying to hit the pedestrian? Isn’t that wrong?

A: If the pedestrian has been given the green signal to cross, the pedestrian has the right-of-way and vehicles must wait for the pedestrian to cross in the crosswalk.

The behavior of the motorist, as described, could be considered harassment and could be reported to the police. If a motorist tried to hit a pedestrian, that would be threatening behavior as well.

Q: There is a vehicle in my neighborhood that is buried in snow, on the street, signifying that it hasn’t been moved in a very long time. The tires are flat as well. Shouldn’t they be ticketed or something?

A: The reader provided a location of this vehicle and we took a look. Guess what we found when we got there? Yes, there was a lot of snow around the vehicle and yes, the tires were flat. And yes, there was a ticket/citation issued by the police department on the window.

Q: If Erica Jenkins is a prisoner of the state and the victim of her assault is a prisoner of the state, why did the trial have to be held in York County District Court? Why wasn’t it held in their home town of Omaha or in Lincoln as the state capitol?

A: The trial was held in York County because the crime took place at the prison, which is located in York County.

Q: In a story about the Erica Jenkins trial, one of the witnesses talked about “going to seg.” Do they have solitary confinement at the prison here in York?

A: Yes, there is an area for solitary confinement which is used as a disciplinary measure.

Q: Will the city’s comprehensive plan ever come before the public or the council or anyone? The process started two years ago and then it just stopped and the comprehensive plan just disappeared.

A: The comprehensive plan process for the city was revived last week and will be coming before the planning commission next week with a hearing before the council to follow.

Q: Will the city be able to take on any street projects in this next year? Some areas are getting really bad, especially where there is old brick that is coming up.

A: Projects on the one-year plan include converting Eighth Street, from Platte to Nebraska Avenue, from brick to concrete.

Also on the one-year plan is the reconstruction of Elm Street from Platte to Lincoln, as well as the reconstruction of Sixth Street from Grant Avenue to Nebraska Ave.

Q: What is the average price per acre of farm land being sold in York County right now? I remember a few years ago it was going as high as $16,000 an acre but no one expected it would stay up that high forever.

A: Two weeks ago, York County Assessor Ann Charlton told the York County Commissioners that there were two recent sales of farm ground in the county and the sales were at about $8,500 an acre.

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