The budget for the family aquatic center was cut just like other areas of spending in the city’s new fiscal year. The budget for the aquatic center in this fiscal year is $311,112, compared to $390,705 last year. The majority of the revenue for the aquatic center comes from the general fund.

The following questions were recently asked on the Wonderline:

Q: I was curious about a few things when it comes to expenditures regarding the family aquatic center. First, how many full-time (equivalent) positions are there for the swimming pool? Also how much is transferred to the aquatic center from the general fund to make it financially work? How much revenue does the swimming pool bring in on its own?

A: There are 5.25 full-time equivalent positions for the family aquatic center this year. The number in the last fiscal year was 7.9.

The budgeted transfers from the general fund for this fiscal year totals $203,087.

The revenue generated by the swimming pool itself is in admissions ($72,525 has been budgeted); concessions ($30,000 has been budgeted); $5,000 has been budgeted in special program registration; and $500 has been budgeted as miscellaneous revenue.

Q: Regarding the city’s street budget, I remember it mentioned during one of the budget meetings that maybe the cuts were going to have an effect on snow removal this winter. Can you take a look at the budget that was passed for the street fund and tell us the reductions for salt, fuel, etc., that could pertain to work that is done in the winter?

A: The gasoline budget in the street department was reduced from $50,000 to $40,000 (compared to last year’s budget), and the salt/chloride budget was reduced from $80,000 to $60,000.

It should be remembered that the gas budget pertains to other work as well, besides snow removal.

Q: Did the city’s funding for Adopt A Pet go down this year?

A: The city’s funding for Adopt A Pet went from $32,000 to $30,000. So there was a $2,000 reduction in the financial contribution to that agency.

Q: How much does the city spend on the senior center each year?

A: The city’s budget for the expenditures on the senior center for the new fiscal year is at $12,749. Of that total, $1,958 is attributed to building and property maintenance. $3,021 is budgeted for natural gas. A total of $4,802 is budgeted for electricity. And $2,160 is budgeted for sewer and water.

Q: So the entire line item for city funding for the museum is a big zero? Not one dime was budgeted for the museum for an entire fiscal year?

A: That is correct. The budget last year was $11,000. Nothing was budgeted for this fiscal year.

The museum is a line item in the community center fund.

Q: The city auditorium is still used for events and things, so I was curious as to how much rental revenue the city is expecting to get in the new fiscal year from the auditorium.

A: Rental revenue for the city auditorium was budgeted at $20,000.

Q: I’ve had the opportunity to look at the city’s final budget and I see no line item for the York County Development Corporation. Can you tell me how much it was for this fiscal year?

A: The allocation to the York County Development Corporation stayed at $80,000 where it has been for a number of years now.

Q: Did the county board end up giving the York County Development Corporation an increase in the budgeted amount of financial support for the new fiscal year? I know they talked about it, but I missed whether they did or not.

A: The county increased financial support for the York County Development Corporation from $70,000 to $73,000 for the 2018-19 fiscal year.

Q: Is the city locked in, to financially contributing to the new emergency communications center? Could they back out of paying their share?

A: The city and county have already entered into an interlocal agreement regarding the new emergency communications center. That interlocal agreement was approved by the city council and the county commissioners, and it was signed a number of months ago.

Q: So I heard that the inmates at the prison are complaining about their water. Is this going to turn into something financial that the city is going to have to deal with now too? How much is that going to cost us?

A: As the YNT reported on Tuesday, Sept. 18, the prison has its own wells, tower and distribution system. The city has nothing to do with the prison’s water system, at all.

Q: My question is whether or not that extra levy was created for that sidewalk project that was proposed by the mayor.

A: That special levy for sidewalk repair was not approved by the council and it was not created.

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