YORK – The end of the workday on Friday, Nov. 16, marked the deadline for petition circulators seeking to have a special election regarding the possible recall of York Mayor Orval Stahr.

At mid-day, Friday, York City Council member Diane Wolfe, the lead petitioner, turned in to the York County Clerk the signatures gathered during the 30-day period.

Now the staff of the county clerk’s office will have 15 days to go through each and every signature, to verify that the people who signed are registered voters living within the city limits of York.

There must be a minimum of 1,149 verified signatures in order for a special election to take place.

Wolfe’s submission of signatures signifies that the minimum number has been reached and/or exceeded – the verification process will determine the final total.

If a special election were to be held, all registered voters in the city limits of York would be presented with a yes or no question, as to whether Stahr should remain mayor.

He is currently in his second year of a four-year term.

Wolfe’s statement on the petitions read as follows: “Through intimidation, unethical behavior and mishandling valuable information, Orval Stahr is not fit to serve as Mayor. He’s broken the trust of the city department heads, and the community. Targeting the police force, fire department, other elected officials as enemies; wielding threatening rhetoric; and back-channeled, unauthorized communication – Stahr has proven to be self-serving, and neglectful of York’s best interests.”

Stahr’s response statement on the petitions read as follows: “I ran for Mayor because I believe that it is time to do what is right for the taxpayers of the City by controlling City government spending and expanding employment opportunities and the tax base. The accusations made herein have been documented to be false. I will continue to work for economic expansion, balanced budgets and openness in City government.”

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