YORK – Sentencing was delayed this week for a York man who was found guilty of stashing methamphetamine in a camera case.

Ricky Ramirez was convicted in March of possession of a controlled substance, a Class 4 felony.

According to court documents, the York Police Department conducted a traffic stop and Ramirez was the driver. They said it was found he had a revoked license.

The officers said in their report that when they spoke with Ramirez, he admitted to possessing methamphetamine.

During a subsequent search of the vehicle, the officers said they found a camera case in which there was a bag of methamphetamine and a pipe with methamphetamine inside it.

In return for his change of plea, the prosecution dismissed the charge of driving under revocation.

This week, York County Attorney Christopher Johnson said he wouldn’t oppose probation because Ramirez cooperated fully during the pre-sentence process and he was successfully discharged from post-release supervision in another county.

“He has no history of violent crime, most past cases are related to substance abuse,” said Deputy York County Public Defender Patrick Tarr. “He had an evaluation done back in February and he was doing treatment, he is trying to get a higher level of care now. He has been employed for two years,”

“What steps has he taken for treatment?” asked Judge James Stecker.

“He’s made contact with a (treatment facility), it’s something that just recently came up,” Tarr said. “He hasn’t had extensive time to line that up. I think probation would be helpful with that.”

“I will be very clear with you,” Judge Stecker said to Ramirez. “When I came in here, I thought you were a candidate for a straight sentence. It is greatly concerning to the court that you are no longer in (outpatient care) and all you’ve done is make a call (about inpatient care). I question whether you are sincere. You were sentenced in 2016 for possession of a controlled substance, and then in 2018 you got 90 days, and now here you are with another offense. I will continue this hearing for 30 days – and you take substantial steps toward treatment or you will be looking at a straight sentence. Get into treatment – if you haven’t taken those steps by the next court date, you know what is coming.”

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